Kylie Jenner baffles fans after she hastily deletes new Instagram posts and website after major career news

KYLIE Jenner has stunned fans after deleting her most recent Instagram posts and brand new website despite dropping the major career news just hours before.

Yesterday, The Kardashians star surprised fans with a new brand by sharing a sly announcement on her Instagram.

Kylie launched a new business Instagram and website this week

Kylie launched a new business Instagram and website this weekCredit: Instagram/@kyliejenner

But the beauty mogul deleted the pages shortly after

But the beauty mogul deleted the pages shortly afterCredit: Instagram/khy

Fans were stunned by the sudden switch-up

Fans were stunned by the sudden switch-upCredit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner
Kylie, 26, took to her feed and posted a single photo of herself sitting on a carpeted floor wearing a black trench coat and red stilettos.

She captioned the pic: “Meet Khy,” and tagged a new Instagram account on the image.

In a second photo, Kylie stood with her back to the camera and sported the same black trench coat, black heels, and her hair tied back in a low bun.

The post was captioned: “Coming soon. Sign up at”

Khy’s website used the same photo of Kylie from the back but provided no information on the brand.

The link only prompted fans to sign up for more information via a news list.

Kylie linked the website to her personal Instagram account’s bio, but just hours later all the posts and the website itself were deleted.


Fans were shocked by the quick switch-up, with several taking to Reddit to discuss the star’s decision.

One follower, in particular, shared a screenshot of the removed Instagram profile, writing: “The instagram account has either been reported or kylie has taken it down. what a flop lol.”

Others were stunned, with one replying in the comments: “Are they relaunching? What is going on? I’m so confused.”

But some were not surprised, one trolling: “LMAO serves this b***h right. I am SICK and tired of them putting out brand after brand to suck money out of people! And on top of that not match the quality.”


On Tuesday, The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed that Kylie had secretly filed two trademarks for Khy, her latest jewelry company.

The Kardashian star has started a new company, K Brand Inc., and filed trademarks for Khy and Khy Studios.

The 26-year-old incorporated K Brand Inc. in February 2023 and filed trademarks for Khy and Khy Studios under the company name in May 2023.

The young entrepreneur’s plans for Khy include providing goods pertaining to: “Bracelets; Earrings; Jewelry; Watches; Key chains; Necklaces; Rings; Body jewelry; Costume jewelry.”

However, Kylie won’t stop there, as the trademark outlines plans to sell bags, wallets, loungewear, clothing, lingerie, and more.

The in-store retail shops and online stores plan to feature: “Apparel, footwear, handbags, jewelry, fashion accessories.”

Khy Studios’ trademark outlines the same plans as Khy.

The registered agents for K Brand Inc. told The U.S. Sun: “We are the agent for service of process for K Brand Inc., we are not involved in their day-to-day operations.”

Earlier this year, Kylie filed 30 additional trademarks under her personal name brand.

The U.S. Sun reported she filed various trademarks under the names Kylie Hair, Kylie Hair by Kylie Jenner, Kylie Baby, Kylie Baby by Kylie Jenner, Kylie, and Kylie Jenner on May 15.

Back in March, The U.S. Sun reported Kylie filed a new trademark for the name of her cult-favorite lip product, Gloss Drip.

Gloss Drip is joining the beauty mogul’s seven other Kylie Cosmetics products, including Kylie Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner, Kybrow, Kyliner, Kyshadow, Kylighter, Kylash, and Glitter Eyes.

The Kardashian star tends to brand everything off of her first name, although the Glitter Eyes and now Gloss Drip products appear to be the anomaly.

The Hulu star hasn’t only had her eyes set on the beauty industry: She also has plans to relaunch Kylie Swim.

Last year, The U.S. Sun reported Kylie filed five new trademarks for the brand after they were dismissed on July 11, 2022.

Kylie was originally scheduled to reactivate her trademarks for the swimwear line on July 25; however, the applications weren’t processed until October 24.

Kylie's new branding was minimal

Kylie’s new branding was minimalCredit: Instagram/@khy

She filed trademarks for Khy jewelry

She filed trademarks for Khy jewelry

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