100% Sure, Cardi B Will Jump Up With Joy When She Watches This Clip😆😆 – S

Surely you didn’t think Offset ever acted in a music video with Whitney Houston, right?

It turns out that rapper Offset – Cardi B’s husband has been in showbiz for much longer than we thought. Specifically, Offset participated in the filming of the MV Whatchulookinat  with the legendary Whitney Houston 16 years ago. With his appearance and dancing, Offset will probably make us and his wife Cardi B very excited.

Offset starred in  Whitney Houston’s music video Whatchulookinat .

Perhaps in a moment of nostalgia for his childhood, Offset shared this image on his Instagram. He also humorously asked his fans who he was in the MV above. Surely you won’t know where this guy is standing in the picture below, right?


Offset backstage at the MV, he is taking pictures with Whitney Houston.


Here you go, Offset here everyone!

Currently, Cardi B has not said anything about this incident, but we know for sure that when she sees this picture of her beloved husband on Instagram, she will spam her Instagram with clips of her laughing so hard. Soon, Cardi B and Offset will have a rap-battle, I wonder if they will also release a new song on this occasion?

Cardi B and Offset recently received the good news of having a baby girl.

We’ll wait for Cardi B to express her feelings about this, with how famous she is, we’ll definitely have another chance to laugh our heads off. Cardi B and Offset! Let’s stay happy like this forever!

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