Armon Exposed Cardi B For paying blogs to go against Nicki Minaj😱Nicki Romania fest cancelled☕️ – S

Armon Exposed Cardi B For paying blogs to go against Nicki Minaj😱Nicki Romania fest cancelled☕️ - YouTube


Nicki Minaj has canceled her appearance at a Romanian festival due to safety concerns related to protests in the area. Nicki tweeted that her security team advised her against traveling, but she expressed her love for her Romanian fans and hopes to visit them in the future. She also mentioned her excitement for her upcoming performance at the Wireless Festival in London this Friday, where she’s headlining. London fans, let me know if you’re excited to see Nicki!

Now, moving on to Cardi B. Arman Wiggins has seemingly exposed Cardi for allegedly paying blogs to go against Nicki Minaj. This revelation came from a Twitter space discussion. According to Arman’s friend, Cardi supposedly wants bloggers on her side to keep things quiet from “the other side.” This has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, with some saying Cardi should focus on her music instead.

Cardi B has been facing backlash after these allegations surfaced. The discussion in the Twitter space suggested that Cardi is actively trying to recruit bloggers to support her by undermining Nicki Minaj. This isn’t the first time Cardi has been accused of such tactics, but it certainly adds fuel to the ongoing rivalry between the two rap queens. Some fans believe Cardi should concentrate on her upcoming album rather than engaging in these behind-the-scenes maneuvers.

Despite the drama, Cardi B continues to work on her music career, although some critics argue that these distractions are affecting her focus and potentially her performance in the charts. Fans are divided—some are supportive, understanding that the music industry can be cutthroat, while others feel disappointed by the seemingly ongoing feud tactics.

What do you all think? Is Cardi really recruiting bloggers against Nicki? And are you excited for Nicki’s performance at the Wireless Festival? Let me know in the comments below! s

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