“I Don’t Even See Da Bish” Cardi B On Why There’s Beef Between Her & Bia!🥊 – S

As a direct response to Cardi B threatening to sue Bia, ‘Sue Me’ took flight as the latest diss track in the hip-hop beef-verse.

Cardi B and Bia(Instagram)

What’s the one beef that never seems to end? Of course, the hip-hop beef. After a long trailing war of words transpired between Kendrick Lamar, Drake and their fellow rapping friends or foes, they’ve seemingly passed on the baton to the women of the hip-hop world.

32-year-old Bianca Miquela Landrau, professionally known as Bia, pulled apart Cardi B in a new diss track,’ Sue Me’ made public on Instagram early Sunday morning.

The Sisterhood of Hip Hop alum hit Cardi hard with heavy claims that her husband, Offset, cheated on her husband in their home. Fuming at the ‘WAP’ hitmaker, Bia rapped, “Put it on your gang that they ain’t f–k you in / Put it on your name since you so gangsta like your f–kin’ friends / Put it on your hubby since you love lyin’ on your vows / I wrote all my verses I can do this s–t for hours.”

Bia also implied that the 31-year-old ‘Bodak Yellow’ singer doesn’t write her own songs. In other words, in the song, she also ridicules Cardi’s appearance and how she talks.

Why did the Cardi B-Bia feud blow up?

Their beef initially blew out of control in March as the ‘Whole Lotta Money’ rapper slammed the latter for supposedly copying her music. Leaving a cryptic response on a tweet accusing Cardi B of fashioning her style and music after Bia’s aesthetic, the ‘Sue Me’ rapper fanned the flames of what eventually turned into a full-blown-out feud. Bia replied with three quirky-faced emoticons to @Pretie_brown’s tweet that reads, “But Bia is definitely on Cardi’s mood board alot,” as she apparently nodded along to the claims made.

Ironically, this comment followed nearly two years after her 2021 tweet: “Congrats to@iamcardib Breaking barriers for the gorls ” As a follow-up remark, she added, “If you’re not inspired you’re not paying attention. You can at least be a fan of someone’s work ethic, growth, and contributions. & I’ve been writing for 10 years, what she’s accomplished is NOT EASY.”

Presumably, Bia’s alleged claims of Cardi B plagiarising her style were heeded by the latter, as she had a response ready. Hitting back at her, the ‘I Like It’ rapper distantly exchanged words with Bia on a verse of Glorilla and Meghan Thee Stallion’s ‘Wanna Be (Remix),’ released Friday. Cardi’s verbal attack continued, “Guess I’m a teacher since you wanna sub me / She did what? Had no idea / Thought she was on the shelf, Ikea / Hope she talk like that when I see her / Bitch please, don’t nobody wanna be ya.”

Why is Bia’s song called ‘Sue Me’?

Her heated words opened a conversation about their allusion to Bia, as several fans speculated that “be ya” was a play on the 32-year-old rapper’s name. However, these words weren’t enough to fire up Bia to pen her own fiery response to Cardi B. ‘Sue Me’ followed as a direct response to Cardi going live on Instagram hours before and openly addressing the Bia chapter. Asserting that she wasn’t copying Bia’s style in any way possible, Cardi also purported that they’d hopped on a call to clear the air, but things didn’t go the way one would hope.

“I’m so appalled at the fact that she thinks I’m copying her, or stealing from her, ’cause there’s nothing that she do that I like. I don’t like her music, I don’t like her style…I don’t even see the b***h,” Cardi spat out during the IG Live. She also put her foot down, threatening to sue Bia if she continued suggesting that she cheated on Offset. Thus, ‘Sue Me’ was born.

As for Cardi’s relationship with Offset, the couple secretly wed in 2017 and share two kids – Kulture (5) and Wave (2). They parted ways in December 2023, but supposedly rekindled their on-and-off romance a month ago. Both of them have been embroiled in cheating rumours multiple times.


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