Devin Haney Slams Ryan Garcia’s Suspension: Vows to Turn His Life Into a Nightmare, Calls for Lifetime Ban 😂💪

In a recent turn of events, lightweight  boxing champion Devin Haney has expressed his outrage over Ryan Garcia’s one-year suspension from  boxing. Haney, known for his unfiltered opinions, has made it clear that he believes Garcia’s punishment is far too lenient. Speaking to TotalSportsNet, Haney stated, “I think he should be banned from boxing forever and I think he should’ve been fined even more.”

The controversy began when Garcia received a one-year suspension for a doping violation. While the boxing community was divided over the severity of the punishment, Haney was unequivocal in his stance. “I think he should’ve been banned for even longer. I think he should be banned from  boxing and I think he should’ve been fined even more,” Haney reiterated.

Haney’s frustration doesn’t stop at words. He has announced plans to pursue further legal action against Garcia, aiming for a lifetime ban. Haney argues that Garcia’s actions have had a direct negative impact on his own career and earnings. “This situation has cost me financially. I would be making more for my next fight if it hadn’t occurred,” Haney claimed. He pointed out that the purse bids for his bout with Sandor Martin were significantly lower than expected, leading to his decision to take two years out of the ring.

The financial implications for Haney are substantial. As a rising star in the  boxing world, he relies heavily on the revenue from high-profile fights. The reduction in his earnings due to the Garcia situation has not only affected his immediate plans but also his long-term career trajectory. Haney’s decision to step away from the sport for two years is a testament to the depth of his frustration and the seriousness with which he views the Garcia incident.

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