Joy Bᴇhar Talks About Ovᴇrcoming Bullying and Slams Rumors About Tᴇnsion With Hᴇr Costars on ‘Thᴇ Viᴇw’

Joy Behar Talks About Overcoming Bullying and Slams Rumors About Tension With Her Costars on ‘The View’

Joy Behar on Overcoming Bullying and the Dynamic on ‘The View’

The View’s Joy Behar opened up about her experience being bullied when she was in school.

“I was only bullied by other girls when I was a kid, and the boys, there was one boy who would instigate it,” she explained during an episode of The View’s “Behind the Table” podcast on Wednesday, April 3.

Joy, 81, shared that she was bullied throughout elementary school and junior high school. “I was often not included in people’s little sororities,” she added. “I would just make my own.”

Finally, in high school, she had a more enjoyable experience, getting along with her classmates.

“I went to an all-girls school,” the comedian explained. “I was extremely popular in high school. I was the head of the governing council.”

She loved her high school experience so much that she wished it never had to end. “I mean it was such a letdown when I went to college,” Joy continued. “I loved high school. It was an all-girls school and we had fun, we had so much fun.”

The Baby Boom actress admitted that she would have loved to send her daughter, Eve Behar, to an all-girls high school. She shares her only child with her first husband, Joseph Behar.

“If I could do it over again, I would make sure my daughter would only go to an all-girls high school,” Joy shared. “Because I think boys distract girls and girls distract boys. Although boys act crazy when girls are not around.”

Joy Behar talks bullying

The conversation then shifted to her relationships with her costars on The View. The longtime TV personality, who is currently married to Steve Janowitz, explained that she has rather great friendships with each of her colleagues on the talk show.

“We get along fine,” Joy said, while slamming media reports that there’s tension on the show’s set. “We didn’t always.”

She compared the chatter about The View hosts not getting along to male broadcasters cohosting a sports-related show.

“When men fight, they’re not as creative about it,” Joy quipped. “Girls come up with stuff.”

Right now, Joy doesn’t foresee herself having any issues with her castmates in the future.

“They’re going to have to wait because it’s not going to happen,” she said of people hoping to hear about drama on The View set.

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