Michᴇllᴇ Collins Bothᴇrᴇd That Shᴇ Wasn’t Askᴇd Back to Thᴇ Viᴇw Aftᴇr 1 Sᴇason: ‘I Playᴇd thᴇ Gamᴇ Right’

Michelle Collins Bothered That She Wasn’t Asked Back to The View After 1 Season: ‘I Played the Game Right’

“I have bitten my tongue about a lot of the things that went on there,” said Collins

Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins.

Michelle Collins is getting candid about her time on The View.

During an appearance on the Wednesday, April 10, episode of the Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang podcast, Collins, 42, reflected on leaving the show in 2016 after serving as a co-host for one season.

“I have bitten my tongue about a lot of the things that went on there. I think partially due to light PTSD and then just also being raised in a family home where we took the high road,” said Collins after teasing that she might bring up The View on her upcoming comedy tour.

“I find it ugly and frankly, you know, it took me a long time to kind of come to terms with the fact that it was and still is the biggest thing I’ve really ever done and allowed me the opportunity to gain fans. I had the SiriusXM show. You know, all these things happened because of that,” she continued.

Noting that she can’t “spit” on where she “came from,” she said, “It does frustrate me a hair that I have behaved so well, and then this show has absolutely never invited me back.”

“They have a podcast. They’ve never asked me back,” added Collins.

After joking that she didn’t remember who was on the hosting panel with her since there were “like 17 people,” she added, “It bothers me that I played the game right, and then I’m not rewarded a little bit.”

Collins noted that the “first time” she heard from the show following her departure was during its 25th anniversary season.

“They reached out to me. I was very open to it. You know, the negative feelings or what have you, which one day I’ll write about in a book after they have me on,” explained Collins.


Michelle Collins with her former ‘The View’ co-hosts and guest Margaret Cho.

“They said, ‘Hey, can you do an intro? We’re going to do all the hosts in the 25-anniversary intro,'” recalled Collins, noting that she ended up filming a clip that was used in the segment but made her look like a “tiny skull.”

“I wasn’t bitter about it because what are they going to do, feature me? I was on the show for like six months, you know, so fine, But then that whole season I thought, you know what, it’s shitty, and I’ll just say it isn’t nice,” she said.


Michelle Collins on ‘The View’.

“It’s like, listen, I exist, you know, and I’ve played the game. But now I guess I don’t have to anymore,” added Collins. “So that’s exciting.”

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