RESPECTFUL FRIENDSHIP: Taylor Swift has worп a пecklace with Kobe Bryaпt’s quote oп it which is part of Vaпessa Bryaпt’s collaboratioп with Zoe Chicco

RESPECTFUL FRIENDSHIP: Taylor Swift has worn a necklace with Kobe Bryant’s quote on it which is part of Vanessa Bryant’s collaboration with Zoe Chicco

Following her previous visits at NFL games, Taylor Swift grabbed the sports world by storm.

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The 12-time Grammy winner, however, is not just a fan of football. Taylor Swift was recently spotted wearing a necklace featuring a famous phrase from Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, demonstrating the same self-belief that Bryant had in himself throughout her music career.

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“You once advised me to gamble on myself if I were to place a wager on someone else. I’m delighted you gambled on yourself, you overachiever,” said Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant during Kobe’s Hall of Fame enshrinement.

Kobe Bryant Praised 'Sweetheart' Taylor Swift in Resurfaced 2019 Interview

Kobe Bryant has complete faith in his abilities. He had worked hard and challenged himself to be the greatest. Bryant would therefore frequently accept responsibility and attempt the game’s final shot on behalf of his team if there was a chance to win. More than anyone else, he always opted to wager on himself.

Kobe Bryant Praised 'Sweetheart' Taylor Swift in Resurfaced 2019 Interview

In addition, Taylor Swift took a risk when she declared that this was the “worst-case scenario” when she recently decided to reclaim the rights to all of her songs after losing some of them a few years prior.

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