Ryaп Garcia lauпches пew threat agaiпst Errol Speпce: I waпt to beat you up

Ryan Garcia launches new threat against Errol Spence: I want to beat you up

The Mexican-American fighter assured that he will defend his trainer in the lawsuit against Spence

Ryan Garcia defeated Devin Haney with the arrival of Derrick James in...

Ryan Garcia is taking advantage of his resounding victory over Devin Haney to look for new fights and one of his targets is Errol Spence Jr, although in this case, the motives are not merely sporting.

In this case, the Mexican-American fighter is sticking up for his trainer, Derrick James, who filed a lawsuit against Spence himself.

The lawsuit is a product of the breakup between Spence and his then trainer, James, after the resounding defeat by Terence Crawford in July 2023. After the spectacular knockout, Spence split from his trainer, with whom he had worked uninterruptedly since the London 2012 Olympic Games.

However, the conditions under which the breakup occurred did not leave James satisfied and he then sued for ‘at least $5 million’ for damages in alleged fraud and breach of contract. However, Spence also filed a counterclaim in an attempt to quash this complaint.

However, Garcia threw a punch, pointing out that his trainer is not alone: “Spence has problems with my trainer. Come see me. If you want to sue him, I want to beat you up. Those are the facts, I’ll knock Errol out, nicely.”

He justified the complaint filed by Jame because he “found out about Spence’s breach of contract, fraudulent business practices and misrepresentations,” after the fight with Crawford.

He detailed that Derrick James was initially paid $350,000 for his services after the loss, equivalent to 10% of Spence’s guaranteed minimum purse of $2.5 million (plus a $100,000 bonus), but is demanding 10% of his total purse, estimated at $25 million.

James’ attorney, Adraon D. Greene, claims that in a text message, Spence detailed: “What’s the number [owed]? $2.15 million? Since I paid you $350,000?” in reference to the financial agreement between the pair for this fight.

Spence has yet to issue any full comment on the matter, nor has he announced when his next fight will be, not against whom.

Garcia vs Spence in the near future?However, a fight between Garcia and Spence could be a headline grabber, after he announced that he will be stepping down from 140 pounds, following his failed attempt at the scales to take the WBC super lightweight belt. As of the weekend, Garcia announced that he will be leaving this weight and that, at the right weight, he could take on any challenge.

Meanwhile, it seems that the positive result against Haney tightened the bond with James, at least in the medium term, as he is receiving a plethora of options, including a possible rematch against Gervonta Davis, who took his unbeaten record with a resounding knockout in April 2023.

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