Thᴇ mystᴇry of how Kᴇanu Rᴇᴇvᴇs brokᴇ his knᴇᴇ on sᴇt is rᴇvᴇalᴇd: It could happᴇn to anyonᴇ

The mystery of how Keanu Reeves broke his knee on set is revealed: It could happen to anyone

Speculation began in January about the reasons for the actor’s injury

Keanu Reeves.

Actor Keanu Reeves appeared in January walking with the aid of crutches and carrying an ice pack to help deflate his left knee, a terrible development while filming his new movie ‘Good Fortune’, in which he co-stars with comedian Aziz Ansari, who is also directing the shoot.

Immediately, speculation began about the reasons for the veteran actor’s injury on the set, perhaps due to a demanding action scene.

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Keanu Reeves embraces new look for upcoming film at rock show

However, it was Ansari, who revealed a few days ago, the unlikely way in which the injury occurred and assured that the action scenes of the filming, had nothing to do with the unfortunate incident and rather it happened while Keanu was enjoying a day of rest, after a marathon day, inside his dressing room: “He had been shooting with me for about 15 days. And I said to him, ‘Go rest in your dressing room for 15 minutes’. And all of a sudden he tripped over a carpet and shouted: ‘Ah, my knee,'” he explained during a press conference.

The ‘Masters of None’ and ‘Parks and Recreation‘ actor also praised the 59-year-old’s professionalism in front of the camera: “He’s like a soldier,” he said of how Reeves did everything he could to keep working despite pain and mobility problems. “He still filmed everything except the scenes where he had to salsa dance. But he was like, ‘I’ll do it, I’ll do it. And we had to restrain him: ‘Keanu, relax. We’ll salsa dance when your knee is healed.

He also noted that the actor has spent half his life putting himself in high-risk situations to shoot action films such as ‘Speed’, the ‘John Wick’ saga and ‘The Matrix’. “In fact, in ‘Speed’ he himself shot the scene where he jumps out of a car into another car. They didn’t use that shot in the end, but he did,” he revealed.

He noted that Reeves has done extreme stunts without needing to “go to the hospital or anything”.

Keanu Reeves’ new project

Reeves and Ansari co-wrote and co-directed this new project with Seth Rogen and Keke Palmer, in a project that was first announced in April 2023, when Lionsgate Motion Picture Group president Joe Drake said in a statement to Deadline that they “acted quickly to bring this project to fruition once it became available”.

“Indeed, we have found good luck with this film,” Drake said. “We love the script and believe strongly in Aziz as a performer and as a director. And when you add Seth and Keanu, two incredible world-class talents, heading up alongside Aziz, this has the potential to be a very special film for us.”

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