“They would be her lover for teп years or they might die iп battle”: Zack Sпyder’s Caпceled Woпder Womaп Sequel Souпds Way Better Thaп Patty Jeпkiп’s Sequel

“They would be her lover for ten years or they might die in battle”: Zack Snyder’s Canceled Wonder Woman Sequel Sounds Way Better Than Patty Jenkin’s Sequel

Wonder Woman 1854 was Zack Snyder’s original idea for the movie’s sequel.

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Wonder Woman had her era under the DC Extended Universe, but with the shifting of leadership in the newly revamped James Gunn empire, the planned third installment was savagely scrapped.
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman
The future of Wonder Woman in the DC Universe remains a mystery, but what’s no longer a secret is Zack Snyder’s original plan for the movie franchise’s sequel: Wonder Woman 1854. The Justice League director finally breaks his silence and shares his own take on the follow-up film. While fans may never see this happen, it’s still great to know!

Zack Snyder Reveals Original Plot For Wonder Woman Sequel

Before Patty Jenkins helmed 2020’s Wonder Woman 1984, there was another idea that director Zack Snyder has now finally shed light on. He revealed in an interview with Empire:

The idea of that was an early riff we were doing: once Wonder Woman left the island in search of Ares, what happened to her in her different incarnations? My idea for it was that she would travel around the world looking for Ares and she would go to every place where there was conflict.”

Indeed, this would have been a brilliant story for a sequel as it would have explored more of Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince’s past, including her relationships and battles. Imagine seeing her become vulnerable as she grapples with the harshness of reality.

On those battlefields she found these lovers, warriors, and they would age out because she is immortal. They would be her lover for ten years or they might die in battle, and it was probably sad for a lot of the guys because they would see her starting to be nice to the next young soldier and be like, ‘Oh, I’m being replaced.’ But all the guys that she had with her were those loyal warriors she found on the battlefields all over the world.”

wonder woman 1854
Wonder Woman 1854 
| image via Zack Snyder’s X account
The story would ultimately lead to her meeting Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, so the movie would have investigated further into her past life.

We talked about if Steve Trevor was there in Crimea. It was never a screenplay, but we talked about it so much that it kind of had its own life.”

Although Snyder’s pitch never made it to the big screen, he claimed that it had been discussed a lot within the halls of DC, so it probably had a chance until Jenkin’s script came along.

Patty Jenkins On Scrapped Wonder Woman 3
wonder woman 1984
Wonder Woman 1984

During her appearance on TCM’s Talking Pictures podcast, director Patty Jenkins addressed the cancelation of Wonder Woman 3.

They’re not interested in doing any Wonder Woman for the time being. It’s not an easy task, what’s going on with DC. James Gunn and Peter Safran have to follow their own heart into their own plans. So I don’t know the why of what they’re planning on doing or why, so I have sympathy for what a big job it is, and they have to follow their heart and do what they’re interested in, and do what they’ve got planned.”

Wonder Woman’s fate under Gunn’s legacy remains unknown, but fans can hope that the fan-favorite character is in good hands as the famed director gears up for new DCU projects.

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