(VIDEO) 50 Cᴇnt Rᴇacts to Daphnᴇ Joy Bᴇing Namᴇd in Diddy’s Lawsuit

50 Cent Reacts to Daphne Joy Being Named in Diddy’s Lawsuit

Renowned rapper and businessman 50 Cent, known for his outspoken nature, has recently weighed in on the controversy surrounding music mogul Diddy’s lawsuit, particularly regarding the inclusion of his ex-girlfriend, Daphne Joy. The lawsuit, originally filed by producer Lil Rod alleging sexual harassment, has now been amended to claim that Diddy boasted about paying multiple women for sexual favors, including Joy.

According to court documents, Diddy allegedly bragged about having several women, including Kisha Romica Brown Lee (aka Young Miami), Jade Ry (aka Jade), and Daphne Joy, who were purportedly paid a monthly fee to engage in sexual activities with him. Joy, a model and actress, was previously in a relationship with Diddy, which ended last year. While Joy, Diddy, and the other women named in the lawsuit have yet to respond to these claims publicly, 50 Cent has taken to social media to share his thoughts on the matter.

Continuing his trolling campaign against Diddy, 50 Cent posted two pictures of himself smoking cigars alongside a caption that read, “I didn’t know you were a sex worker, you little sex worker LOL.” This post is part of 50 Cent’s ongoing feud with Diddy, where he often takes jabs at the music mogul on social media.

This isn’t the first time 50 Cent has commented on Diddy’s personal life. Previously, when rumors surfaced about Diddy’s alleged relationship with Joy, 50 Cent expressed indifference, stating that he didn’t care who Diddy liked romantically. He emphasized that his issues with Diddy were solely business-related and that he had no personal stake in Diddy’s romantic endeavors.

Joy and 50 Cent share a history beyond just their connections to Diddy. The two were in a relationship in 2012, which resulted in the birth of their son, Sire. However, their relationship was tumultuous, marked by incidents of domestic violence and vandalism. In 2013, 50 Cent was charged with domestic violence and vandalism following an altercation with Joy. He denied the charges but later agreed to a plea deal, pleading no contest to vandalism and receiving probation and community service as part of the settlement.

Despite their rocky past, Joy and 50 Cent have managed to co-parent their son, Sire, and maintain a civil relationship. However, 50 Cent’s recent social media post indicates that there may still be lingering animosity towards Diddy, especially in light of the new allegations surfacing in the lawsuit.

As the legal proceedings continue, the public eagerly awaits further developments and reactions from all parties involved. In the meantime, 50 Cent’s commentary adds another layer of intrigue to an already contentious situation in the entertainment industry.

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