(VIDEO) “A ROBBERY!” Boxiпg Pros REACT To Ryaп Garcia vs Deviп Haпey

“A ROBBERY!” Boxing Pros REACT To Ryan Garcia vs Devin Haney

The boxing world was left in uproar following the highly anticipated matchup between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney, as fans, commentators, and professionals weighed in on the controversial officiating during the bout. Despite Garcia’s dominating performance and victory via majority decision, the focus shifted to the referee’s actions, sparking heated debates and criticism across the sporting community.

The fight, billed as an explosive clash between two rising stars in the boxing world, lived up to its hype, with Garcia asserting his dominance early on. However, it was the referee’s handling of the match that drew widespread condemnation, with accusations of bias and incompetence tarnishing the outcome.

Javant Davis, during a post-fight interview, openly criticized the referee’s biased approach towards Haney, echoing sentiments shared by many within the boxing fraternity. Ryan Garcia’s father, Henry Garcia, minced no words in expressing his outrage at the referee and judge’s decisions, labeling them as “f*cked up” and questioning the integrity of the officiating.

The pivotal moment came in the seventh round when Garcia was deducted a point for punching after the referee demanded a break, despite Garcia feeling he should have been allowed to continue. This decision significantly impacted the fight’s scorecard and drew sharp criticism from spectators and pundits alike.

In response to the controversy, prominent figures in the sports world voiced their dismay over the poor officiating. Sports presenter Stephen A.

Smith lambasted the referee, describing his performance as “absolutely terrible” and accusing him of favoritism towards Haney. Similarly, commentator and entrepreneur Patrick Bet David questioned the referee’s motives, suggesting ulterior motives behind his decisions.

Former UFC bantamweight champion Alaine Sterling joined the chorus of disapproval, expressing relief that Garcia did not fall victim to a “BS draw decision” and highlighting the referee’s failure to acknowledge Garcia’s dominance in the later rounds.

The dissatisfaction extended beyond the referee’s actions to include the judge who scored the fight a draw. Many felt that Garcia’s performance warranted a clear victory, and the judge’s decision only added fuel to the controversy surrounding the bout.

However, amidst the outcry, there were also voices of support for Haney, acknowledging his resilience despite the defeat. Bernard Hopkins, a boxing legend turned promoter, expressed concern for Haney’s future in the sport, suggesting that the beating he received from Garcia could have long-term repercussions.

In contrast, Ryan Garcia’s trainer, Derek James, offered a more optimistic view, acknowledging Haney’s youth and resilience as factors that could aid his recovery. He emphasized the importance of mental strength in bouncing back from a defeat of this magnitude.

Looking ahead, the fallout from the Garcia vs. Haney fight is likely to linger, with calls for a rematch and scrutiny over the integrity of boxing officiating. While Garcia emerged victorious in the ring, the controversy surrounding the bout serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by the sport and the importance of fair and impartial officiating in determining its outcomes.

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