(VIDEO) Chris Browп Says I Had S*x With His Ex “Saweetie” Aпd Destroys Quavo Iп Diss “Omg”

Chris Brown Says I Had S*x With His Ex “Saweetie” And Destroys Quavo In Diss “Omg”


Chris Brown, the renowned R&B artist, has once again stirred controversy with his recent release, a diss track aimed at Quavo and Saweetie.

In the song titled “Omg,” Brown makes bold claims about his past encounters with Saweetie and delivers scathing remarks directed towards Quavo.

This article delves into the details of Brown’s controversial statements and the reactions they have sparked in the music industry and among fans.

Chris Brown’s Diss Track:

In the diss track “Omg,” Chris Brown does not mince words as he addresses his alleged past relationship with Saweetie.

Brown boldly states, “every with browns I with swe and D you fck my that’s cool I don’t give no fuck,” suggesting that he had a sexual encounter with Saweetie while she was still involved with Quavo.

The lyrics are explicit and confrontational, indicating Brown’s disregard for the situation’s sensitivity.

Furthermore, Brown’s lyrics seem to imply that he feels no remorse for his actions, as he continues to assert his dominance with phrases like “bch I’m up nig I’m up.”

The song also contains derogatory remarks aimed at Quavo, implying that Saweetie may have cheated on him with Brown.

Lines such as “they say renge is Sweet Now think about that shit renge is Sweet” add fuel to the fire, intensifying the feud between Brown and the former Migos member.

Reactions from Fans and the Music Industry:

Chris Brown’s diss track has sparked mixed reactions from fans and the music industry alike. While some listeners applaud Brown’s boldness and lyrical prowess, others criticize him for his controversial claims and the potential harm they may cause to Saweetie, Quavo, and their respective reputations.

Many fans have taken to social media platforms to express their opinions, with some defending Brown’s right to express himself through his music, while others condemn him for his alleged involvement in Saweetie and Quavo’s personal affairs.

Additionally, members of the music industry have weighed in on the controversy, with some praising Brown’s artistic expression and others urging him to reconsider his choice of subject matter.

Impact on Brown’s Career and Public Image:

As one of the most prominent figures in the R&B and hip-hop genres, Chris Brown’s actions and statements often attract significant attention.

While his diss track may have garnered widespread publicity, it also raises questions about the impact on his career and public image.

Some fans argue that Brown’s willingness to address controversial topics demonstrates his authenticity as an artist, while others worry that his penchant for drama may overshadow his musical talents.

Additionally, the potential repercussions of his lyrics on his relationships with other artists and industry professionals remain uncertain.


Chris Brown’s diss track targeting Quavo and Saweetie has ignited intense debate within the music community and among fans.

While some praise Brown’s boldness and artistic expression, others condemn him for his controversial claims and their potential consequences.

As the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Brown’s career and public image will be affected by his latest controversial release.

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