(VIDEO) Gᴇnᴇ Dᴇal Exposᴇs Diddy’s Status As Confidᴇntial Informant & Says Fᴇds Allowᴇd Him To Commit Crimᴇs.

Gene Deal Reveals Allegations of Diddy’s Status as Confidential Informant and Claims Feds Allowed Him to Commit Crimes

In a recent interview, former security personnel Gene Deal made startling allegations about music mogul Diddy, suggesting that he may have been operating as a confidential informant for law enforcement agencies. Deal’s revelations shed light on the complexities of Diddy’s interactions with the legal system and raise questions about the extent of his involvement in criminal activities.

According to Deal, law enforcement agencies often recruit confidential informants (CIs) to gather information and assist in criminal investigations. Deal likened these informants to “three-dollar hos,” implying that they are used by authorities to gather intelligence while being allowed to engage in criminal behavior under certain conditions.

Deal claimed that CIs are incentivized with financial rewards for their cooperation. He detailed a payment structure wherein informants receive substantial sums, ranging from $250 for revolvers to $1500 for semi-automatic guns and rifles. Additionally, informants may receive a percentage of the value of cases they help crack, potentially earning tens of thousands of dollars for their assistance.

In Diddy’s case, Deal alleged that despite his status as a millionaire, he may have been operating as a CI and receiving financial incentives from law enforcement. Deal suggested that Diddy’s wealth and influence allowed him to receive special treatment and protection from legal repercussions in exchange for his cooperation with authorities.

Deal further claimed that Diddy had a network of connections within law enforcement, with whom he allegedly exchanged favors and payments for protection. Deal described a scenario where Diddy would pay off individuals within the legal system to ensure that any legal issues were swiftly resolved or dismissed.

The interview also touched upon Diddy’s tumultuous relationship with the media and his involvement in high-profile legal battles. Deal suggested that Diddy’s clashes with major alcohol distributors and ongoing legal troubles involving individuals like Cassie and Jonathan “Odie” Lil Rob may have contributed to his negative portrayal in the media.

Moreover, Deal speculated about the potential motivations behind Diddy’s alleged cooperation with law enforcement. He suggested that Diddy’s desire to avoid negative publicity and legal repercussions may have led him to become an informant, although the exact circumstances surrounding his involvement remain unclear.

Deal’s revelations have sparked speculation and debate within the entertainment industry, with many questioning the implications of Diddy’s alleged status as a confidential informant. While some view Deal’s claims as unsubstantiated rumors, others believe that they warrant further investigation into Diddy’s interactions with law enforcement.


In conclusion, Gene Deal’s interview has brought to light concerning allegations regarding Diddy’s relationship with law enforcement and his potential involvement as a confidential informant. As the entertainment world grapples with these revelations, the full extent of Diddy’s interactions with authorities and the implications for his career remain subject to speculation and scrutiny.

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