(VIDEO) Mikᴇ Tyson vs Jakᴇ Paul to bᴇ Cancᴇllᴇd if Boxing Lᴇgᴇnd Fails Unusual Tᴇst

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul to be Cancelled if Boxing Legend Fails Unusual Test

Iron Mike will have to undergo serious examination before he steps into the ring to fight Jake Paul, a man 30 years his junior.

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul could be cancelled

The bout between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul on the 20th July is set to be one of the best attended of 2024. However, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR), who have control over the fight’s regulations due to it taking place in Texas, could throw a spanner in the works.

The TDLR’s combative sports regulations state that: “A person aged 36 or older applying for a contestant’s license must submit a report of favourable physical testing conducted within the previous 12 months, including but not limited to an EEG (electroencephalography) and an EKG (electrocardiogram).”

As the fight is set to take place a month after Tyson turns 58, he is certainly over the threshold set at 36 years old. This means that he will have to submit EEG and EKG results to the TDLR in order to enter the ring in Arlington.

What Tests Will Mike Tyson Have to Take

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson

These regulations are in place to ensure the safety of the fighters, especially ones that are towards the end of their careers. The EEG evaluates any brain disorders, while the EKG evaluates heart disorders. This prevents any fighters from entering the ring with a pre-existing condition that may see them at an increased risk of serious harm during a fight.

GIVEMESPORT’s Key Statistic : Mike Tyson has boxed 215 rounds in his career compared to Jake Paul’s 46.

The final decision will be made by the Interim executive director of the TDLR Brian E. Francis. Tela Mange, communications manager for the TDRL, also said that they can request additional testing, which would not be too surprising given Tyson’s age. The regulations were put in place for fighters just over the 36-year-old threshold, not necessarily a fighter going on 60.

Also presiding over the position will be the Combative Sports Advisory Board. The board has nine members who serve six-year terms, and it includes four physicians, two representatives of combat sports, a combative referee or judge, a former contestant, and a public member.

Mike Tyson about to fight Roy Jones Jr

Is the Fight off if Mike Tyson Fails

So, if Tyson fails the testing, is the fight off? It is not quite that simple. The TDLR’s combative sports regulations say: “The applicant may request an administrative hearing if the executive director determines the physical testing results are not favourable in any way and fails to issue a license for that reason.”

Essentially, the decision can be appealed, but there would be no guarantee that the fight would go ahead.

Jake Paul & Mike Tyson

There has already been tension between the two camps and the TDRL as both the Tyson and Paul camps have been pushing for the bout to be a professional one, not an exhibition.

The key differences between the two are that 16-ounce gloves would be worn in an exhibition, rather than the professional 10-ounce ones, and the rounds would be two minutes, not three. There would also be no official judges to score the fight.

Jake Paul & Mike Tyson professional records

Jake Paul
Mike Tyson




No contests

The fight is set to be a hugely popular event, with the potential to set record viewing figures. It is being hosted at the AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas, which housed the Canelo Alvarez v Billy Joe Saunders bout in 2021.

The attendance for that fight was 73,126. The stadium, usually housing the Dallas Cowboys, has a capacity of 80,000. Tyson vs Paul will also be the first streamed bout on Netflix, available to all members of the streaming service.

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