(VIDEO) Out for Justicᴇ: “Sarita Jakᴇs Family Pursuᴇs Lᴇgal Action Against TD Jakᴇs for Abusᴇ”

Out for Justice: “Sarita Jakes Family Pursues Legal Action Against TD Jakes for Abuse”

Out for Justice: Serita Jakes’ Family Pursues Legal Action Against TD Jakes for Abuse

The Jakes family finds themselves embroiled in a distressing situation as they prepare to take legal action against their patriarch, renowned Pastor TD Jakes, for allegations of physical abuse against their daughter. In a public plea, they implore Serita Jakes, the pastor’s wife, to return home, citing the unbearable embarrassment caused by TD Jakes’ actions.

Sources close to the family reveal that tensions between TD Jakes and Serita have been simmering for some time. The situation reached a breaking point when it was disclosed that TD Jakes had engaged in a romantic relationship with music mogul Diddy, diverting his attention away from his marriage and family responsibilities. This revelation not only fractured the family but also tarnished TD Jakes’ standing as a respected spiritual leader.

Serita Jakes’ family has resolved to pursue legal recourse against TD Jakes to hold him accountable for his conduct and ensure the safety and welfare of their daughter. In a heartfelt public statement, the family pleads for Serita Jakes to return home and stand by their side during this tumultuous period. They express unwavering love and support for her, vowing to stand with her through thick and thin.

The family expresses profound disappointment and shock at TD Jakes’ behavior, lamenting the irreparable damage it has inflicted upon their family’s reputation. They are resolute in their determination to reclaim their daughter from TD Jakes’ influence. As the legal proceedings unfold, they seek a swift resolution to this painful chapter in their lives, advocating for accountability and justice for their daughter.


Amidst the turmoil, the Jakes family remains steadfast in their commitment to unity and resilience in the face of adversity. They are hopeful that through their collective strength and perseverance, they will overcome this challenging ordeal and emerge stronger as a family.

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