(VIDEO) Rihaппa shattered as she discover ASAP Rocky secretly got aпother womaп pregпaпt

Rihanna shattered as she discover ASAP Rocky secretly got another woman pregnant.

As we dig into the timeline of this celebrity saga, it appears that the pregnancy revelation blindsided Rihanna, who was seemingly unaware of the impending news.

Fans are left questioning the solidity of their seemingly unbreakable bond, wondering how a relationship that appeared so strong could crumble under the weight of such a revelation.

A$AP Rocky apparently has some explaining to do?!

According to a bombshell new report, the 33-year-old rapper — who is currently expecting a child with his superstar partner,

Rihanna — has allegedly been “secretly messaging” an apparently random 45-year-old British woman?!

The new claims came out in The Sun on Wednesday evening, as mother of three Jilly O’Donnell (pic HERE) came forward with supposed shocking details about her alleged online interactions with the rapper!

According to the 45-year-old woman, Rihanna’s man — whose real name is Rakim Mayers — supposedly started messaging her back in December of last year.

Rihanna reportedly welcomed baby No. 2 with ASAP Rocky

The paddle boarding instructor and fitness buff only has 1,500 followers on Instagram, so when she first heard from Rocky, with nearly 15 million followers to his name, she was shocked!

Well, actually, at first she was uncertain. As she claims to The Sun in their report on the direct message allegations, O’Donnell first had to confirm the star’s identity with her three children! The mom recalled:

“In all honesty, I had absolutely no idea who he was. I saw there was a blue tick on his name on Instagram so I asked my daughters.


They told me it [was] Rihanna’s boyfriend and thought it was hilarious. He has millions of followers on Instagram so God knows why he chose to message me.”

Um… wow!

From there, the woman — who lives in the southwestern English county of Devon with her family — alleged that Rocky began to send her flirty and coy messages through the app! So random!

And if this all went down in December like O’Donnell alleges, then RiRi would have been around four months pregnant at the time. Jeez!



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