(VIDEO) SHOCKING NEW FOOTAGE of thᴇ Diddy LA & Miami Raids As Sons ARRESTED With Lasᴇr Sights?!

SHOCKING NEW FOOTAGE of the Diddy LA & Miami Raids As Sons ARRESTED With Laser Sights?!

Thumbnail images are satire created by adobe photoshop and artificial intelligence artwork. Excerpt from Daily Mail Shocking new footage shows raid on Diddy’s LA mansion as heavily-armed agents march his sons through house at gunpoint, pin them against walls and park armored tanks outside Shocking new footage shows the huge raid on Diddy’s Los Angeles mansion, with armed officers pinning his son up against a wall as tanks surrounded the home.

Misa Hylton, the mother of one of his sons, shared the video online Monday, a week after agents stormed the house as well as one in Miami amid a s*x tr*fficking probe. She branded the raid ‘over zealous’ and ‘overtly militarized’ before claiming it was r*cist and would not have been so heavy handed if the family were not black.

Excerpt from Rolling Stone Sean Combs’ Homes Raided as Part of S*x Tr*fficking Investigation Officials descended upon the rap mogul’s Los Angeles and Miami homes on Monday, four months after singer Cassie accused him of se*ual a**ault and s*x tr*fficking OFFICIALS RAIDED TWO of Sean Combs‘ homes on Monday, a law-enforcement source confirmed to Rolling Stone, as part of a federal s*x-tr*fficking investigation.

Led by Homeland Security, the raid was carried out just four months after the rap mogul’s ex-girlfriend, singer Cassie, accused Combs of s*x tr*fficking. Helicopters and agents were seen swarming Combs’ Los Angeles mansion on Monday afternoon.

Footage of the scene appeared to show some men — later identified as Combs’ sons Justin and King — detained and waiting outside of the Holmby Hills house. Officials were also present at Combs’ Miami residence. Combs was in Florida at the time of the raid, according to NBC News, and officials reportedly seized his phones before the Bad Boy Records executive was scheduled to leave for a trip to the Caribbean.

Excerpt from NY Post Feds set to widen Diddy s*x probe over claims rapper boasted about sh**ting people, bribing jurors and using J.Lo as g*n mule Almost 25 years ago, just after 2:30 a.m. on a cold winter night, three NYPD detectives were called to the Midtown North precinct.

Rap impresario Sean Combs, then known as Puffy, his girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, his bodyguard, Anthony “Wolf” Jones, and rapper Jamal “Shyne” Barrow had been arrested following a shooting inside a Times Square club that wounded three bystanders.


The cops found Lopez, then 30, cuffed in “the cage.” Combs was also in the stationhouse on West 54th Street, his plans for a spectacular celebration of the new millennium a few days later temporarily on hold.


Excerpt from NY Post Jennifer Lopez got honest about past ab*sive relationships before ex Diddy’s home raids Love don’t cost a thing. In the wake of Sean “Diddy” Combs’ homes being raided on Monday, his old relationship with Jennifer Lopez is back in the spotlight.

Combs, 54, and Lopez, 54, dated for two years, from 1999 to 2001. Lopez once revealed how Combs was the first man to cheat on her, telling Vibe magazine in 2003 that their relationship “was the first time I was with someone who wasn’t faithful. I was in this relationship with Puff where I was totally crying, crazy and going nuts, it really took my whole life in a tailspin.”

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