(VIDEO) ‘Thᴇ Viᴇw’ firᴇs back at RFK Jr.: Whᴇrᴇ has hᴇ bᴇᴇn?!

‘The View’ fires back at RFK Jr.: Where has he been?!

The ladies of “The View” did not hold back when responding to recent comments made by presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who called President Biden a threat to democracy. In a segment of the show, the hosts expressed incredulity at Kennedy’s remarks and questioned his credibility, particularly in light of his absence from the public eye.

Joy Behar, one of the hosts, immediately fired back with a rhetorical question: “Where has he been?” Her co-hosts echoed her sentiments, with one remarking, “Silence.” They went on to discuss Kennedy’s apparent lack of historical awareness and criticized his assertion that Biden posed a greater threat to democracy than former President Trump.

The hosts suggested that Kennedy’s family name might be clouding voters’ judgment, leading them to overlook his controversial views. They labeled him a conspiracy theorist and highlighted his departure from the Democratic Party’s mainstream positions. They also expressed concern that Kennedy’s rhetoric could undermine Biden’s candidacy by sowing confusion among voters.

The segment drew criticism from Joe Concha, a Fox News contributor, who accused “The View” of hypocrisy. He argued that the show, as a part of ABC News, should adhere to journalistic standards rather than resorting to sensationalism. Concha criticized Behar for her perceived sense of entitlement to the Democratic vote and accused her of spreading lies about Kennedy.

Concha urged the hosts to step out of their “bubble” and engage with ordinary Americans to gain a better understanding of their concerns. He emphasized the importance of reaching out to voters in swing states, where President Trump remained popular. Concha dismissed the hosts’ focus on democracy as out of touch with the priorities of everyday Americans.

The conversation then shifted to a more positive topic: the record-breaking viewership of a recent women’s basketball game between Iowa and LSU. Concha attributed the game’s success to the star player, Caitlin Clark, whose exceptional skills drew widespread attention. He praised the growing popularity of women’s sports and celebrated the diversity of athletes being embraced by fans.


In conclusion, “The View” faced criticism for its handling of Kennedy’s comments, with Concha accusing the show of bias and sensationalism. The hosts’ response reflected their skepticism towards Kennedy’s views and their commitment to defending Biden’s candidacy. However, Concha argued that the show’s focus on political controversy overlooked the broader interests of its viewers.

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