Angel Reese: Tears flowed

Angel Reese became emotional when discussing her selection to the All-Star team

The LSU legend continues to impress as we near the midpoint of the WNBA season

Angel Reese has overcome a lot. It’s not entirely fair to Angel, but the reality is that she is one of the highest profile players in the WNBA. With that exposure comes pressures that many athletes never experience. Angel has taken it all in stride and has embraced the spotlight since her days at LSU. But sometimes a person needs to let it out.

Last night was that night for Angel.

As she sat down for her post game press conference, it was obvious that the tears had been flowing. But these were good tears, tears of joy and happiness. Even Angel admitted she has outperformed her expectations. She said, “Being an All-Star was never really on my list. I really don’t write down individual accolades. I always write down what I want as a team. And walking out of there, I always wanted to be a winner. In college I wanted nothing but to win. And going to LSU and being able to win the national championship and then coming to Chicago and wanting to build this back up. I have to kind of give myself some grace from what I’m doing as a rookie…Even just playing, I didn’t even know if I was to start. Just being able to take things day by day and just work, work, work and have coaches who really believe in you is special.”

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