The reason why? Famed journalist Monica McNutt eliminates Caitlin Clark and gives Angel Reese the 2024 WNBA Rookie of the Year award.

Monica McNutt drops Caitlin Clark truth bomb after viral Stephen A. debate

Angel Reese or Caitlin Clark? That has been one of the most heated debates in the WNBA 2024 season. Both the stars are improving with each game and having an exceptional display. Previously, the celebrated journalist Monica McNutt had come forward to share her liking for Reese and why the Maryland-born should be awarded the Rookie of the Year instead of Clark. And McNutt once again showed her preference for Reese over Clark.

McNutt appeared on the show Get Up when she was questioned about who should take home the Rookie of the Year award- Reese or Clark? And the 34-year-old without any inhibitions had a confirmed affection for Reese.

Monica McNutt shares her reasons for backing Angel Reese

McNutt also backed her decision by enunciating like other balling critics that it’s the team standings that matter at the end of the day and the Chicago Sky surely looked to be better than the Indiana Fever as they have qualified for the playoffs

“I have said this all season bc my Rookie of the Year is going to go based on the standings because I think that is how you have the opportunity to measure impact. And the Sky is right above them and the Sky right now are in the playoffs. So you’d have to give the…nod in my mind to Angel Reese,” McNutt stated, via ESPN’s Get Up.

McNutt was also quick to remark that Reese has 11 straight double-doubles which is just one short of Candace Parker’s record of 12 consecutive. Hence, Reese in her maiden season has been showing exemplary skills parallel to none. McNutt’s other argument for her choice included the head coach Teresa Weatherspoon being in her first year of building the team as well as the Sky not having any other number one pick like the Fever who have two in Aliyah Boston and Clark. And thus, McNutt ditched Clark.

“Head coach Teresa Weatherspoon in her first year. There’s not another number one draft pick on that roster currently. There, there’s not another All-Star on that roster currently from years past,” McNutt added. Previously too, McNutt had praised Reese over Clark.

Monica McNutt praises Angel Reese over Caitlin Clark

During late June when the Sky had edged past the Fever by a narrow margin of 88-87, McNutt had applauded Reese for her performance. Notably, Reese had scored 25 points with 16 rebounds in that match which led to many believing that at the moment Reese was performing better than Clark. McNutt had how Reese when misses a shot is “back to her own rebound,” which doesn’t let the opponents take advantage of the mistake.

The point was noteworthy because off-late Reese is facing a tough time from the critics who are enunciating that though Reese is scoring a double-double, she has been rebounding her own offensive shots a lot. But McNutt even then chose to see the positive side of her game.

Perhaps, it is motivation from the media that Reese needs to get the fuel for winning the Rookie of the Year award. And hopefully, for her fans, she will leave Clark behind when she does so. For the time being, her followers can concentrate on her upcoming games.

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