VIDEO shows the greatness of superstar Caitlin Clark: Fans flood Las Vegas to see Caitlin Clark and Diana Taurasi. set an unprecedented WNBA record.

Caitlin Clark has now helped opponents set attendance records multiple times this WNBA season.

20,366 fans flood Las Vegas to watch Caitlin Clark battle Aces setting WNBA record

20,366 fans flood Las Vegas to watch Caitlin Clark and her Indiana Fever battle Aces, sets WNBA attendance record

The WNBA as a league was born in 1997. In those initial years, they had a lot of fans watching the game, selling out arenas, and setting attendance records that still stand to this day. However, since then, the league faced a steady decline in attendance. But the introduction of a certain Caitlin Clark has brought newfound fame and viewership. Even helping back-to-back champions, the Las Vegas Aces set an attendance record in their game against the Indiana Fever, that too not in their home arena.

Ticket sales prior to the matchup already pushed the Aces to lease the T-Mobile Arena for yesterday’s game. As their home court, the Michelob Ultra Arena only seats 12000. In comparison, the bigger arena seats 18000. All that said, 20,366 fans turned up to watch Caitlin Clark and her Indiana Fever take on the defending champions. Suggesting that the arena added seats to cater to the demand. This helped the Las Vegas Aces record the 5th highest in-game attendance in WNBA history.

Fans are flocking to watch the rookie who captivated the basketball world with her record-breaking performances in college. Therefore, it should not be long before she forces teams to relocate to bigger arenas, just to watch her play.

Wilson releases Caitlin Clark Signature Collection

Caitlin Clark made the headlines when she became the first professional basketball athlete since Michael Jordan to become a Wilson brand ambassador. Her deal included the release of a customized series of basketballs designed with her input. Now, Wilson has released the collection, dubbed ‘The Limitless Series.’

It features one top-of-the-line Wilson Evo NXT Game Ball which both the NCAA and WNBA use. As this is an official game ball, no customization is done. For those who seek a customized ball, Wilson has released two balls featuring customized designs. One is an outdoor-only ball that is in a black and yellow colorway, finished with triangle-based designs that hark to her Iowa days. The other is a standard indoor/outdoor black and white ball.

These should be flying off the shelf soon. Considering how many fans she is pulling to arenas, Wilson will earn all the money back that they have paid Clark to become their ambassador.

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