Whoopi Goldberg’s strong words defend Caitlin Clark against a “The View” critic who claimed that Caitlin Clark is famous because she is white.

Whoopi Goldberg sternly defended Caitlin Clark from a critic on this morning’s episode of The View, backing the WNBA player’s skills after a sports writer questioned if her race and sexuality are part of what’s made her so popular.

During this morning’s first Hot Topic, the co-hosts debated Jemele Hill’s remarks to the Los Angeles Times after the former ESPN host said Clark had the same “relatability” as Steph Curry, but added, “We would all be very naive if we didn’t say race and her sexuality played a role in her popularity.”

Goldberg was quick to take issue with Hill’s words, rattling off some impressive stats about Clark — including her title as the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer for both men and women — before saying, “When people say stuff like [Hill’s comment], that’s like people saying, ‘Oh, you only got into this Ivy League college because you’re Black,’ or you only got this because of this.

“This girl earned this! I’m sorry, there are great players, but nobody else has done this. So I’m not mad that they gave her a basketball,” she continued, referring to Clark’s limited-edition Wilson basketball.

(Editor’s Note: The View is on hiatus today; contrary to what you may have heard, The View was not canceled today. This article was originally published on May 22, 2024 when this episode first aired. The View will return with new episodes next week.)

Goldberg then offered a suggestion to the company, saying, “One of the things they might want to do … to honor the women who play in the WNBA, maybe they should do a series of balls.”

Shen then offered one caveat: “Please, do not make them pink. OK? They don’t need to be pink. Just make them regular basketballs, ’cause there are some extraordinary players and she is part of the reason that people are now paying attention to the WNBA.”
Whoopi Goldberg on The View

Goldberg was so invested in this morning’s conversation that she ignored the music indicating it was time to wrap the segment and cut to commercial. As the familiar tune began to play at the end of the Hot Topic, she said, “Hold on a second with this,” raising one finger in the air.

She then mentioned that The View had been “trying to bring attention to the WNBA for years” and had been “begging people to pay attention.”

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“These women are oftentimes equally, if not better sometimes, than the folks you’re watching. To have [Clark] reduced that way bothered me a lot,” Goldberg continued, before waving around a notecard with Clark’s stats and saying, “this is her record — unless you can show me who else has a better record than this, this is why she’s getting the attention she’s getting. ‘Cause she’s a damn good player.

“And it doesn’t matter whether she’s straight or gay. Ain’t nobody crying when she’s making those balls!” she concluded.

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