7 Ways James Gunn’s SUPERMAN Has ALREADY Beaten Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL/BATMAN v SUPERMAN – S

7 Ways James Gunn's SUPERMAN Has ALREADY Beaten Zack Snyder's MAN OF STEEL/BATMAN v SUPERMAN

At this point, we’ve seen enough from James Gunn’s Superman to get a pretty good idea of what to expect and, while some of you won’t like it, we think it’s already beaten Zack Snyder’s take on the hero…

Despite a divisive first look, Superman has greatly impressed fans in recent weeks. That’s down to what feels like an endless supply of photos and footage from the movie’s Cleveland set, all of which have showcased the reboot’s characters and “Metropolis” setting.

Way back in 2013, it was down to Zack Snyder to put a fresh spin on Superman in Man of Steel. That split opinions for its take on the iconic DC Comics character, as did Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (and, to a lesser extent, both cuts of Justice League).

With Superman, James Gunn is looking to relaunch the hero and the entire DCEU as the new DCU. We won’t know how he’s fared until sitting down to watch this movie, but in the meantime, there are some telltale signs that the filmmaker’s vision for Superman is vastly better than what’s come before.

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7. The Costume Is Better


We might as well start with a controversial talking point and, yes, that’s Superman’s costume. The first official image released from the reboot wasn’t good and, shockingly, appeared to even boast tell-tale signs of A.I. usage.

Since then, we’ve seen David Corenswet suited up in a bunch of set photos. Not only is the costume far more colourful than the moody effort worn by Henry Cavill, but it’s also very comic-accurate, right down to the red trunks and yellow belt (not to mention the logo on Superman’s cape).

It admittedly looks a little loose-fitting and created, but those are issues which can be fixed in post-production. Cavill’s suit was gloomy, uninspired, and the padding made him look like, well, a blue Hulk. It worked in a lot of ways, but this latest effort is 100% classic Superman.

6. There’s A Distinct Difference Between Superman And Clark Kent

Zack Snyder took a bizarre approach to Superman’s origin story, with Clark not becoming a superhero until he was well into his 30s. In fact, he’d spent most of his life hiding his powers, going so far as to allow his father to die to protect his secret.

As a result, the Kryptonian didn’t reveal his alter-ego until the closing moments of Man of Steel when the hunky reporter threw on a pair of glasses and just started working at The Daily Planet. How no one figured out he and Superman were one and the same is beyond us.

In contrast, Superman is following Superman: The Movie‘s blueprint by ensuring there’s a distinct difference between Clark and his heroic side. Corenswet has been spotted with a completely different hairstyle and, based on set footage, is even changing his physicality as Clark.

5. He’s A True Hero

To put it bluntly, the DCEU’s Superman was never much of a hero. He certainly leapt into action when required, but inadvertently killed thousands while fighting General Zod in Metropolis and, when he did cross paths with the public, they mostly seemed to treat him like a God.

While we can appreciate what Snyder was going for, putting Superman on a pedestal like this robs the character of his charm and, in some respects, makes him feel like a parody or caricature.

Corenswet’s Superman has now been spotted helping the people of Metropolis on several occasions. We’ve also seen newspaper headlines revealing the ways he’s stepped up to protect his home and do good, including taking a busload of young cancer patients to Egypt!

4. The Daily Planet

The Daily Planet did factor into Snyder’s movies but, as noted, Clark didn’t start working there until the end of Man of Steel. We got to see him do his thing for a brief stint in Batman v Superman, only for that to reach an abrupt end when Doomsday killed him.

Amy Adams did the best she could with the material she had to work with as Lois Lane, but The Daily Planet had little in the way of character and was even located in the most nondescript, boring building imaginable.

That was an issue with Metropolis as a whole and James Gunn has countered that by delivering a comic-accurate take on the newspaper. He’s also showcasing a greater number of the characters who work there (including Jimmy Olsen who, in the DCEU, was shot in the head).

3. A World Inhabited By Superheroes

Warner Bros. presented Snyder with a near-impossible task when they got him to start laying the groundwork for the Justice League to assemble in only his second DCEU movie. That meant rushed origin stories and weird, combative versions of these heroes in their early days.

Superman, on the other hand, clearly takes place in a world with plenty of established heroes. We’ve now seen the Man of Tomorrow cross paths with Mister Terrific, Green Lantern Guy Gardner, and Hawkgirl, all of whom appear to be members of the same Maxwell Lord-funded team.

This feels like a far more effective way to build a shared universe and, based on how Batman was introduced, is something Snyder should have also done. The only problem is, the costumes worn by Guy and Hawkgirl…well, they’re not great (in fact, they’re pretty bad at first glance).

2. Embracing The (Right) Comics

If Snyder wanted to make an R-Rated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, then he should have done so separately to the shared world Warner Bros. wanted to create with the DCEU. Clearly, there was some miscommunication between the two parties.

By embracing the work of Frank Miller (which is, of course, fantastic), Snyder created a world full of cynical superheroes who didn’t like each other and, more often than not, were out for each other’s blood. It made for grim viewing and was rejected by the majority of moviegoers.

Gunn has delivered heaps of emotion in his Guardians of the Galaxy movies along with some big laughs. The same is true for The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker; throw in some stellar action scenes, and he feels like a better fit. Crucially, he’s taking inspiration from All-Star Superman!

1. Superman Is Loved, Not Hated

Perhaps the most bizarre thing about Snyder’s take on Superman is that, when he wasn’t being worshipped as a God, he was viewed as someone to fear. The Government, regular people, and even Batman viewed the Man of Tomorrow as a terrifying alien who was far too powerful.

His death created a period of mourning, yes, but when Supes did rise from the dead…it was as a villain! Had Snyder’s plans for the DCEU come to fruition, then Superman was going to terrorise the world alongside Darkseid after falling under his control.

Joss Whedon’s Justice League wasn’t great. Still, it’s hard to deny that we didn’t get a huge improvement when it came to Superman’s portrayal, including a vastly more optimistic conclusion to his story. Needless to say, we don’t expect the DCU’s version to embrace his inner darkness…

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