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Cardi B Hứa Sẽ Ra Một Album Mới Khác Biệt, Missy Elliott Phê Duyệt - XXL

Cardi B insists her new album will be different than everyone is expecting and gets encouragement from rap’s queen of different, Missy Elliott.

Cardi B Says Her Next Album Is Going to Be Different From What’s Expected

On Saturday (April 6), Cardi B hit up X, formerly known as Twitter, to reflect on the sixth anniversary of her extraordinary debut album Invasion of Privacy. In the process, the Bronx, N.Y. rhymer gave fans a little insight into her next album, which is slated to drop at some point in 2024. Cardi says the LP will offer something different than what the Bardi Gang may expect.

“6 years ago I released my first album and it broke so many records GAH LEE!!” Bardi tweeted in celebration of her debut album. “6 years later I’m preparing to drop the next one this year.. it’s so different from what everyone is expecting and I’m sooo excited. Love you guys and thank you for the support! I’ll talk to ya soon I been so busy these last few days.”


Missy Offers Words of Encouragement But Cardi B Is Still Nervous

Following Bardi’s statement, an X user questioned if the rapper should be experimenting on her second album. Missy Elliott entered the chat with some words of encouragement.


“Absolutely yes it’s the time to experiment,” the 2023 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee posted. “Take it from someone who experimented and many others which allowed them to NOT be BOXED in to one sound and style… I can name tons who each of there albums sounded nothing like the one before.”


In response, Cardi noted that she was still feeling apprehensive. But she has decided to get over her emotion

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