Cardi B’s BABY BUMP is OUT and PROUD! Jazmine Calls Out Queen Key as a “STRUGGLING ARTIST”! – S

Cardi B's BABY BUMP is OUT and PROUD! Jazmine Calls Out Queen Key as a "STRUGGLING ARTIST"! - YouTube

Cardi B Pregnancy Speculation

For the past month, rumors have been swirling that Cardi B is expecting her third child. Observers have noticed what looks like a baby bump during her recent performances, including the BET Awards where she held her stomach and wore oversized clothing. These signs led many to believe she is pregnant.

On July 4th, Cardi B posted a video expressing her excitement for the holiday. When a commenter suggested her husband, Offset, might want her to take it easy, she replied, “Baby, I’m outside today,” further fueling the pregnancy rumors.

600 Breezy and Jasmine Chz Drama

In other news, Jasmine Chz, sister of Jada Wa, revealed that 600 Breezy is her baby’s father. This revelation sparked controversy since 600 Breezy allegedly has triplets with Queen Key. Queen Key accused 600 Breezy of being a deadbeat father and criticized Jasmine for getting involved.

Queen Key defended her children and expressed frustration with being dragged into new drama. Jasmine, in turn, emphasized her ability to provide for her child and dismissed the criticisms. She addressed Queen Key’s comments, asserting that her baby is well cared for and that the ongoing drama is unnecessary.


The speculation around Cardi B’s pregnancy and the conflict involving 600 Breezy, Jasmine Chz, and Queen Key highlight the intense scrutiny celebrities face. As the stories unfold, fans eagerly await confirmations and developments. Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite celebrities.

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