(VIDEO) 7 MINUTES AGO: Tyson’s Take: Reacting to Insults on Francis Ngannou – Hilarious Response

Mike Tyson Breaks Silence on Joshua vs. Francis Fight, Sparks Controversy with Strong Opinions

In the aftermath of the highly anticipated match between Anthony Joshua and Francis, the boxing world was abuzz with speculation and analysis.

7 MINUTES AGO: Tyson's Take: Reacting to Insults on Francis Ngannou – Hilarious  Response - YouTube

However, it was the unexpected commentary from legendary boxer Mike Tyson that truly ignited.

Controversy and stirred up a whirlwind of reactions from fans and boxing professionals worldwide.

Despite Tyson’s prime years being in the ’80s and ’90s, his name still carries significant weight in the boxing community. While he initially remained tight-lipped about the Joshua vs.

Francis fight, Tyson eventually took to social media to share his thoughts, albeit indirectly.

As he primarily focused on promoting his upcoming bout against Jake Paul on July 20th.

One reason for Tyson’s delayed commentary could be attributed to his close relationship with Francis, who had previously trained under Tyson’s guidance.

The two had developed a strong bond, with Francis idolizing Tyson since his youth.

Their connection was solidified when they met at Tyson’s podcast studio in 2019, where they discussed Tyson’s upcoming fight against Tyson Fury.

Francis’s admiration for Tyson was evident, with the former expressing his dreams of becoming a boxer inspired by his hero.

However, Tyson’s absence from Francis’s corner during the fight against Joshua raised questions about its potential impact on the outcome.

While Tyson refrained from directly attributing Francis’s loss to his absence, he did acknowledge the unpredictable nature of boxing, where outcomes can vary regardless of coaching.

Tyson’s commentary on the match between Joshua and Francis offered valuable insights into the dynamics of heavyweight boxing.

Contrary to popular belief, Tyson emphasized the importance of accuracy in punches over sheer power, drawing from his own experience as a heavyweight champion.

He highlighted Francis’s defensive shortcomings against Joshua, which allowed the latter to exploit openings and secure victory.

Moreover, Tyson’s commentary underscored the multifaceted nature of boxing, where a balance of offensive power and defensive prowess is crucial for success.

Despite the disappointment of Francis’s loss, Tyson remained supportive and offered valuable advice for Francis’s future endeavors in the sport.

In addition to his analysis of the fight, Tyson also expressed admiration for both Joshua and Francis, acknowledging their talents and resilience in the ring.

Joshua, in particular, received praise from Tyson for his exceptional performance and ability to overcome adversity during the match.

However, Tyson’s commentary was not without controversy, as he criticized the tendency of boxing fans to prioritize knockouts over fighter safety.

He emphasized the importance of keeping fighters safe and suggested that long, drawn-out fights may not always be as exciting for spectators.


Despite potential disagreements with Tyson’s viewpoints, his commentary on the Joshua vs.

Francis fight sparked widespread discussion and added an intriguing layer to the post-match analysis.

As the boxing world eagerly awaits Tyson’s own return to the ring against Jake Paul, his insights and opinions continue to shape the narrative of the sport, ensuring that his legacy as a boxing icon endures for generations to come.

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