(VIDEO) Diddy and Snoop orchestrated the hit on Nipsey Hussle+Jay Z slept with Kelis behind Beyonce’s back

In the realm of celebrity gossip and industry secrets, few figures command attention like Jaguar Wright.

Known for her unfiltered commentary on the music industry.

Wright recently dropped a bombshell in an audio clip, alleging connections between major players like Snoop Dogg, Diddy, and Lauren London.

While some may dismiss her claims as mere sensationalism, others argue that there may be truth to her revelations.

Let’s dissect the key points raised by Wright and explore the implications of her words.

The audio clip begins with Wright addressing rumors surrounding Snoop Dogg’s past behavior.

Diddy and Snoop orchestrated the hit on Nipsey Hussle+Jay Z slept with Kelis behind Beyonce's back - YouTube

Particularly regarding his alleged involvement in controversial incidents related to Tupac Shakur.

Wright questions why the public should believe Snoop’s innocence in light of these allegations.

Especially considering his close ties to Diddy and their purported influence over rising stars like Lauren London.

One of the most startling claims made by Wright is regarding Lauren London’s early career.

Wright reveals that London once served as a background singer for her, shedding light on the lesser-known aspects of London’s journey to fame.

According to Wright, London’s path to stardom intersected with her former keyboard player, Omar Edwards, who later facilitated London’s appearance on American Idol.

This revelation adds a new layer to London’s rise to prominence and raises questions about her connections within the industry.

Wright also delves into the alleged manipulation and exploitation of aspiring artists by industry power players like Diddy.

She suggests that Diddy’s influence extends beyond mere mentorship, implying a darker side to his dealings with artists like London and her sister, Capricorn Clark.

Wright insinuates that Diddy may have used his position to orchestrate certain career moves, including London’s relationship with Nipsey Hussle.

The audio clip touches on themes of betrayal and manipulation within the music industry.

Highlighting the precarious position that aspiring artists often find themselves in.

Wright’s claims paint a picture of a cutthroat industry where success is often contingent upon.

Alliances with powerful figures, leaving little room for genuine talent to thrive on its own merit.

While Wright’s allegations are sure to ignite controversy and speculation, they also serve as a reminder of the complexities of the entertainment industry.

Behind the glitz and glamour lies a world rife with power struggles and hidden agendas.

Where even the most beloved stars may be entangled in webs of deceit and exploitation.

Ultimately, the veracity of Wright’s claims remains to be seen, but her willingness to.

Speak out against injustice and corruption in the industry is commendable.


As fans and observers, it’s essential to approach such revelations with a critical eye.

Separating fact from speculation while remaining vigilant against exploitation and manipulation in all its forms.

In conclusion, Jaguar Wright’s explosive claims shed light on the darker side of the music industry.

Raising important questions about power dynamics, manipulation, and exploitation.

Whether her allegations hold true or not, they serve as a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges faced by artists in their quest for success in the entertainment world.

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