(VIDEO) “I Barely Tried” – Ryan Garcia Reflects on his Fight Against Devin Haney

In a recent interview, boxing sensation Ryan Garcia shared insights into his recent fights and his future in the sport.

Garcia, who has been making waves in the boxing world, discussed his experiences fighting Devin Haney and his thoughts on a potential matchup with Gervonta “Tank” Davis.

“I Barely Tried” - Ryan Garcia Reflects on his Fight Against Devin Haney

Reflecting on his fight with Haney, Garcia emphasized that Haney caught him by surprise, but he still believes he would beat Gervonta Davis more convincingly.

He noted that Haney was a tougher opponent and highlighted the differences in his physical condition between the two fights.

Garcia expressed confidence in his abilities and stated that he would never fight at a weight that compromises his health, dismissing the idea of a rematch with Haney until he fully recovers.

Regarding a potential matchup with Tank Davis, Garcia asserted that Tank wouldn’t agree to fight him at 145 pounds, citing his reluctance to meet him at that weight class.

Despite Tank’s popularity in the United States, Garcia believes he has more international appeal and leverage in negotiations due to his larger following and better promotional skills.

Garcia also addressed the clause in his contract with Haney, which restricted him from gaining more than 10 pounds after the weigh-in.

He criticized the clause as unfair and dangerous, as it could lead to dehydration and potential health risks for fighters.

When asked about the possibility of a fight between Haney and Tank, Garcia predicted that Haney would emerge victorious, citing his volume and reach advantage.

He dismissed the notion that Tank has leverage over him, asserting that his international popularity and marketing savvy give him the upper hand in negotiations.

Throughout the interview, Garcia exuded confidence in his abilities and vision for his future in boxing. He emphasized the importance of listening to his instincts and not succumbing to external pressures.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Garcia remains focused on achieving his goals and cementing his legacy in the sport.

As Garcia continues to navigate the world of professional boxing, fans eagerly anticipate his next moves and potential matchups.

With his talent, charisma, and determination, Garcia is poised to leave a lasting impact on the sport for years to come.

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