(VIDEO) Leaked audio of Tyler Perry admitting fault confirms he did Monique dirty & it costed her millions+

Mo’Nique’s recent appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast has reignited conversations about her longstanding battle with industry figures, particularly Tyler Perry and DL Hughley.

The leaked audio of Tyler Perry admitting to spreading rumors about Mo’Nique being difficult.

Leaked audio of Tyler Perry admitting fault confirms he did Monique dirty & it  costed her millions+ - YouTube

To work with has added fuel to the fire, shedding light on the challenges faced by black women in Hollywood.

When Mo’Nique initially spoke out against Netflix’s lowball offer for a comedy special, she faced backlash from both the industry and the public.

Many within the black community chose to prioritize their subscriptions over supporting Mo’Nique.

Highlighting deeper systemic issues of racism and sexism in the entertainment industry.

Mo’Nique’s fight wasn’t just about the money; it was about equity and ensuring fair opportunities for melanated women in the business.

In her interview with Shannon Sharpe, Mo’Nique didn’t hold back, calling out Tiffany Haddish for her remarks in a GQ interview where she questioned Mo’Nique’s approach to business.

Mo’Nique took offense to Haddish’s comments and didn’t hesitate to address them publicly, highlighting the importance of standing up against disparaging remarks.

Additionally, Mo’Nique discussed her ongoing feud with DL Hughley, citing his dismissive attitude towards her grievances.

DL’s response to Mo’Nique’s allegations further escalated the situation, with both parties engaging in a war of words that played out publicly.

The leaked audio of Tyler Perry’s conversation with Mo’Nique sheds light on the power dynamics at play in Hollywood.

Perry’s admission that he spread rumors about Mo’Nique’s professionalism underscores the challenges faced by black women in an industry dominated by white male gatekeepers.

Despite Perry’s attempts to express remorse, Mo’Nique’s pointed questions force him to confront the hypocrisy of his actions.

The leaked audio serves as a stark reminder of the uphill battle faced by black women in Hollywood.

Mo’Nique’s refusal to back down in the face of adversity highlights her resilience and commitment to challenging systemic injustices.

As the industry grapples with issues of representation and diversity, Mo’Nique’s revelations serve as a rallying cry for greater accountability and change.


In conclusion, Mo’Nique’s revelations, coupled with the leaked audio of Tyler Perry’s admission.

Have sparked a much-needed conversation about the treatment of black women in Hollywood.

As the industry reckons with its past and present biases, it’s essential to listen to and uplift voices like Mo’Nique’s, who continue to fight for equity and justice in entertainment.

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