(VIDEO) “Lil Rod” ACCUSED Diddy of SE*UAL ASS*ULT!!! – New Law suit Against DIDDY

In a shocking development, music producer Rodney Jones, also known as Hitman Little Rod.

Has filed a lawsuit against hip-hop mogul P Diddy, accusing him of assault and coercion during the production of Diddy’s latest album, “The Love Album.”

Lil Rod" ACCUSED Diddy of SE*UAL ASS*ULT!!! - New Law suit Against DIDDY -  YouTube

The lawsuit alleges multiple instances of inappropriate touching, drugging, and threats by Diddy, creating a distressing work environment for Jones.

Jones claims that Diddy subjected him to unwanted advances and uncomfortable encounters, even forcing him to work in Diddy’s bathroom while the music icon showered with no clothes on.

The lawsuit extends beyond Diddy, implicating individuals such as Diddy’s Chief of Staff, Christina Korum, his son Justin Colmes.

And the CEOs of Universal Music Group and former CEO of Motown Records, Ethiopia Habam Mariam, for allegedly condoning and facilitating Diddy’s misconduct.

One particularly troubling aspect of the lawsuit involves Jones being coerced into arranging “freak-off” sessions for Diddy with various escorts, suggesting a broader pattern of inappropriate conduct within Diddy’s professional circles.

The legal action also implicates other celebrities, including Chris Brown and Meek Mill, in inappropriate activities with women associated with Diddy.

Jones further alleges that Diddy attempted to initiate a sexual relationship with him, claiming that Diddy drugged him.

Resulting in Jones waking up naked and confused in bed with Diddy and two escorts.

Additionally, Jones asserts that Diddy forced him to watch a video supposedly featuring Stevie J engaging in intimate acts with another man, although it was later revealed that the video was misidentified.

While these allegations are disturbing, it’s crucial to thoroughly examine the evidence and testimonies to determine their credibility.

Stevie J, in response to Jones’s claims, disputed the portrayal of the situation, emphasizing the collaborative nature of the music industry and clarifying his role in the album production.

As the legal proceedings unfold, questions arise about how these claims will be addressed and their potential impact on the reputations of those implicated.

The case underscores the pressing need to address issues of consent, substance abuse, and exploitation in the entertainment industry.

While allegations against Diddy and others are serious, premature assumptions about guilt should be avoided without proper evidence and legal scrutiny.

As the situation unfolds, additional details may emerge, shedding light on the truth behind these claims and influencing the outcome of the legal proceedings.

Ultimately, the outcome of this case will undoubtedly shape the narrative surrounding.


These contentious issues, leaving a lasting impact on industry standards and accountability.

It highlights the need for transparency and fair practices in the entertainment world, ensuring the protection of all individuals involved.

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