(VIDEO) Meek Mill THREATENS TO K!LL DJ Akademiks Over Diddy FREAK OFF Rumors

In the whirlwind of the music industry’s drama, few feuds have captured as much attention as the ongoing clash between Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks.

What started as a lawsuit against Diddy has morphed into a heated exchange of accusations, threats, and silence, leaving fans and onlookers puzzled.

Meek Mill THREATENS TO K!LL DJ Akademiks Over Diddy FREAK OFF Rumors -  YouTube

The saga began when a lawsuit surfaced, implicating Diddy in a supposed liaison with Meek Mill.

However, it wasn’t Meek who directly addressed the allegations; instead, he unleashed a barrage of tweets targeting DJ Akademiks.

Meek accused Akademiks of perpetuating rumors and insinuating his involvement in gay relationships.

Despite the gravity of the accusations, Meek remained conspicuously silent on the lawsuit itself and the individual who filed it.

One of the key figures in this controversy is Lil Rod, the individual who initiated the lawsuit against Diddy.

Lil Rod’s lawsuit hinted at Meek’s involvement with Diddy but didn’t explicitly accuse him of any wrongdoing.

Instead of addressing these claims head-on, Meek focused his ire on Akademiks, questioning his motives and integrity.

As the feud escalated, Meek doubled down on his attacks, portraying himself as a victim of a conspiracy to tarnish his reputation.

He dismissed accusations of being approached for intimate encounters, emphasizing his roots in Philadelphia and his refusal to engage in such activities.

However, rather than addressing the allegations directly, Meek continued to target Akademiks, challenging him to back up his words with action.

Meanwhile, Akademiks seized the opportunity to highlight Meek’s interactions with powerful figures in the industry, particularly his association with billionaire Michael Rubin.

Akademiks accused Meek of subservience to these individuals while exhibiting hostility towards a fellow Philadelphian and blogger.

The feud reached a boiling point when Meek threatened physical violence against Akademiks, prompting concerns about the escalation of tensions.

Throughout the ordeal, Meek’s silence on the lawsuit and its implications raised eyebrows.

Despite ample opportunities to address the allegations, Meek chose to focus his energy on attacking Akademiks, fueling speculation and confusion among fans.

While Akademiks continued to press Meek on the lawsuit’s implications, Meek remained steadfast in his refusal to engage directly.


As the feud rages on, the music industry watches with bated breath, unsure of its implications for Meek’s career and reputation.

Will Meek break his silence and address the allegations head-on, or will the feud with.

Akademiks continue to overshadow the underlying controversy? Only time will tell as the drama unfolds in real-time.

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