(VIDEO) Mike Tyson loses his cool with Kevin Gates…(supercut edition)

In an unexpected turn of events, Mike Tyson recently sat down for an interview with rapper Kevin Gates on his podcast, “The Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.”

The interview took a unique and intense direction as Tyson delved into his past and shared personal experiences.

Mike Tyson loses his cool with Kevin Gates...(supercut edition) - YouTube

Leading to a candid conversation about violence, aggression, and acceptance.

From the outset, Tyson set the tone for the interview, expressing his belief that he was chosen for a life of greatness, despite acknowledging that life doesn’t always go as planned.

This sentiment paved the way for a raw and unfiltered discussion about the challenges both men have faced in their lives.

Tyson opened up about his own upbringing, admitting to a violent and aggressive past.

He shared how his experiences shaped him into the “meanest” individual on the planet.

Highlighting the transformative moment when he had his first fight after someone killed his pet pigeon.

This revelation shed light on the deep-seated emotions and trauma that Tyson had to overcome in his journey to become a boxing legend.

The conversation took a poignant turn when Tyson posed a hypothetical scenario to Gates.

Asking how he would react if someone killed his pigeon. Gates, taken aback by the unexpected question, struggled to respond, ultimately expressing his disbelief and shock.

Tyson’s probing question underscored the primal instincts and protective nature that both men shared, despite their different paths in life.

As the interview progressed, Tyson’s intensity grew, urging Gates to confront his fears and embrace his true self.

He challenged Gates to stand up for himself and not back down from any challenges life may throw his way.

The exchange between the two men was raw and unfiltered, with Tyson pushing Gates to acknowledge his inner strength and resilience.

Gates, visibly moved by Tyson’s words, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to engage in such a profound conversation.

He admitted that he did not expect the podcast to take such a deep and introspective turn but appreciated the chance to connect with Tyson on a deeper level.

Despite the intensity of their discussion, Tyson and Gates ended the interview on a positive note, with Gates expressing his respect and admiration for Tyson.

The rapper acknowledged Tyson’s influence and impact on his own life, thanking him for his wisdom and guidance.


In the end, the interview between Mike Tyson and Kevin Gates was more than just a conversation—it was a powerful exchange of ideas, emotions, and experiences.

It highlighted the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of confronting our past traumas in order to move forward.

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