(VIDEO) My Response To Rick Ross And His FAKE $3.5M Watch!

Rick Ross Watch Controversy: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Timepieces

In the world of luxury watches, authenticity and rarity are paramount. Recently, rapper.

Rick Ross found himself embroiled in a controversy surrounding the authenticity of his timepieces.

My Response To Rick Ross And His FAKE $3.5M Watch! - YouTube

A YouTube personality known for his watch expertise, under the moniker “Cub Office,” has taken it upon himself to unravel the truth behind Ross’s collection.

The saga began when Cub Office, in his signature witty and insightful style, dissected Ross’s collection of high-end watches in a video titled “Rick Ross and His ‘Air Stay Out of Grown Folks Business’.”

The video, filled with humor and sharp critique, delves into Ross’s alleged ownership of rare timepieces, particularly focusing on an emerald-studded Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

One of the most striking revelations from Cub Office’s investigation is the claim that Ross’s emerald AP Royal Oak is not genuine but rather a replica.

He argues that the watch in question is meticulously crafted to mimic an exceedingly rare timepiece produced by Audemars Piguet.

The YouTuber further asserts that Ross’s Rolex Day-Date, featuring a green dial, is merely an aftermarket modification and not an authentic Rolex creation.

Cub Office’s scrutiny extends beyond the watches themselves to Ross’s persona and authenticity as a collector.

He sheds light on Ross’s past as a prison guard who adopted the persona of a notorious drug dealer, raising questions about the rapper’s credibility in the realm of luxury watches.

Throughout the video, Cub Office challenges Ross’s status as a bona fide watch aficionado, questioning the authenticity and origin of the pieces in his collection.

He highlights the rarity and complexity involved in producing genuine high-end watches.

Contrasting this with what he perceives as Ross’s penchant for ostentatious displays without genuine appreciation for horological craftsmanship.

One of the most memorable moments in the video is when Cub Office addresses Ross’s alleged use of the race card in response to criticism.


He dismisses any insinuation of racial bias in his critique, emphasizing that his scrutiny is based solely on the authenticity and legitimacy of Ross’s timepieces.

As the video unfolds, viewers are treated to a blend of watch expertise, humor, and social commentary.

Cub Office’s meticulous analysis and candid commentary have garnered attention not only from watch enthusiasts but also from fans of Rick Ross and hip-hop culture at large.

In the aftermath of Cub Office’s exposé, the ball is now in Rick Ross’s court. Will the rapper address the allegations and provide clarity on the authenticity of his watch collection?

Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: the controversy has ignited a conversation about authenticity, credibility, and the true value of luxury timepieces in the modern age.

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