(VIDEO) Natalie Nunn calls out her side piece Curtis for trying to extort her+ Russell&Usher link up in Bali

In a recent social media rant, reality TV star Natalie Nunn addressed the ongoing drama surrounding allegations of infidelity with Curtis from the Bad Boys Club.

Nunn, known for her appearances on shows like “Bad Girls Club” and “Marriage Boot Camp”.

Natalie Nunn calls out her side piece Curtis for trying to extort her+  Russell&Usher link up in Bali - YouTube

Took to her platform to refute claims made by Curtis and shed light on their tumultuous relationship.

The saga began when Nunn’s former flame, Curtis, alleged that she was cheating on her husband.

Jacob Payne, with him. According to Curtis, Nunn had been involved with him while still married.

However, Nunn vehemently denied these accusations, accusing Curtis of attempting to extort money and publicity from her.

In her fiery tirade, Nunn slammed Curtis, labeling him a “clout chaser” and asserting that he was using their past relationship for personal gain.

She accused him of trying to manipulate her into providing financial support and even buying him luxury items like a Rolex watch.

Nunn spared no harsh words, dismissing Curtis as insignificant in the entertainment industry and denouncing his attempts to capitalize on their past association.

Furthermore, Nunn addressed the nature of her marriage, claiming that she and her husband were on a break at the time of her alleged involvement with Curtis.

While acknowledging the complexities of marriage, Nunn emphasized that her relationship with Curtis was in the past and should not be misconstrued as infidelity.

The drama escalated when Nunn’s husband, Jacob Payne, weighed in on the situation, accusing Nunn of cheating with another man, Louis Peso.

Payne’s accusations added fuel to the already blazing fire, further complicating the narrative surrounding Nunn’s personal life.

Amidst the controversy, Nunn’s social media outburst drew mixed reactions from fans and critics alike.

Some applauded her for speaking out against Curtis’s alleged extortion attempts and defending her marriage, while others criticized her for airing personal grievances publicly.

Meanwhile, in a surprising turn of events, R&B icon Usher was spotted visiting music mogul Russell Simmons in Bali, where Simmons currently resides.

The unexpected reunion raised eyebrows, given Simmons’s ongoing legal battles and allegations of sexual misconduct.

Speculation swirled as to the nature of Usher’s visit and his association with Simmons, adding another layer of intrigue to the unfolding saga.

As the drama continues to unfold, fans and onlookers eagerly await further developments.

Curious to see how the tangled web of accusations and revelations will ultimately unravel.

With emotions running high and tensions mounting, the saga shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

In the fast-paced world of entertainment gossip, scandals like these serve as a reminder.


Of the complexities and pitfalls of fame, where personal lives are often laid bare for public scrutiny.

As Natalie Nunn and others navigate the turbulent waters of fame and fortune, one thing remains certain: in the world of celebrity drama, the show must go on.

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