50 Cent EXPOSES The Truth Behind Oprah Using Steve Harvey To Steal From Taraji P Henson

50 Cent EXPOSES The Truth Behind Oprah Using Steve Harvey To Steal From Black Actresses

Buckle up folks, cause 50 Cent has just entered the conversation and he is allegedly tearing into Oprah for trying to cancel black actresses.

For years, 50 Cent and Oprah have been cooking up a cold stew of a feud but things are getting heated real fast right now.

50 is dropping bombshells about Oprah exploiting black actresses working under her and is making connections to one of her puppets, Steve Harvey.

We’ve known for years that Oprah and Steve both built an empire of their own but never really questioned the close bond that they have with each other and what kind of stuff they do behind the scenes.

50 Cent EXPOSES The Truth Behind Oprah Using Steve Harvey To Steal From Taraji  P Henson - YouTube

And as it turns out, Harvey has been working under O’s order to keep the other talents at bay! 50 himself allegedly hinted on the matter so stick with us, as we break down the whole fiasco for you!

Recently, the entertainment community has witnessed a heated debate between Oprah Winfrey and some famous artists she sponsors.

This debate revolves around issues such as fairness in the film industry, as well as Oprah Winfrey’s role in determining artists’ careers.

One of the famous artists mentioned in the debate is Taraji P. Henson, who spoke out against Oprah Winfrey’s working methods.

Henson spoke about being underrated and losing copyright in the projects she participated in, especially in the movie The Color Purple.

Additionally, Mo’Nique, a famous actress and comedian, has also made criticism of Oprah Winfrey, accusing her of being involved in putting her in a difficult position in the entertainment industry. mind. Mo’Nique claims that she has been blocked and not given fair recognition for her views.

During this debate, there were interventions from many other famous individuals, including Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey.

Both had their own views on the matter, with Perry promising to compensate Mo’Nique and Harvey offering criticism to artists who spoke out their views.

This debate not only raises issues of fairness and the rights of artists in the entertainment industry, but also addresses the influence of powerful individuals such as Oprah Winfrey and the role they play. in deciding about the careers of those working under their sponsorship.

Overall, this debate has gained prominence and attracted the attention of the entertainment community, opening up discussions on sensitive issues in the film industry and the role of stars and producers. great role in deciding on an artist’s future.

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