50 Cent RATS OUT Oprah Exposing How She PROTECTS Hollywood Predators?! (VIDEO)

Every time she mentioned hip-hop culture, it was something negative. Oprah and 50 Cent have not been on good terms, both personally and professionally. During his rise to stardom, 50 Cent wanted to appear on Oprah’s show to prove his success, especially to his grandmother, an Oprah fan. However, Oprah was not interested and opposed to his music. This rejection led 50 Cent to declare them enemies, going so far as to name one of his dogs Oprah.

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Oprah has also been criticized for her associations with controversial figures like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein. She showed sympathy for Weinstein despite his criminal actions, while simultaneously promoting a documentary about Michael Jackson’s alleged victims. This selective attention raised questions about her motives. Oprah’s silence on Weinstein contrasted with her focus on Jackson, who could not defend himself since he had passed away.

The controversy extended to accusations that Oprah only targeted black alleged predators, ignoring high-profile white figures. This included her interviews with Michael Jackson’s accusers and R. Kelly, but not Weinstein’s victims. 50 Cent accused Oprah of being a Hollywood puppet and underpaying black actors, like Taraji P. Henson in “The Color Purple.” Henson revealed her struggles with pay inequality and her frustrations with Hollywood’s treatment of black women.

Henson’s comments were perceived as directed at Oprah, a producer on the film. TikTok users analyzed body language, speculating tension between Henson and Winfrey. Additionally, Henson mentioned firing her entire team after “Empire” due to their failure to capitalize on her character’s popularity. 50 Cent supported Henson’s decision and offered her work opportunities.

50 Cent has also defended Mo’Nique, who claimed to be blackballed by Oprah, Lee Daniels, and Tyler Perry after refusing to campaign for “Precious” without compensation. 50 Cent has been advocating for Mo’Nique’s return to Hollywood, criticizing cancel culture and pushing for an apology from those involved.

Mo’Nique’s allegations date back to a 2017 performance where she accused Oprah and others of contributing to her blackballing. She argued that her refusal to “play the game” led to her exclusion from opportunities, raising questions about fairness and treatment in the entertainment industry.

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