50 Cent Reveals How Oprah Is Using Steve Harvey To Blackball Taraji

50 Cent Reveals How Oprah Is Using Steve Harvey To Blackball Taraji

50 Cent is coming after Steve Harvey for allowing Oprah to use him to blacklist Taraji after she spoke up on how badly Oprah treated her on the set of The Color Purple.

Child, it’s a hot mess because Oprah allegedly got mad at Taraji for spreading negativity, which she believes caused the movie to flop at the box office.

The entertainment industry is buzzing with controversy surrounding the recent statements made by actress Taraji P. Henson during the press tour for “The Color Purple.”

Henson’s candid remarks have sparked a heated debate about pay disparities and mistreatment of black women in Hollywood, with accusations flying about Oprah Winfrey’s alleged involvement in blacklisting Henson.

During her interviews, Henson revealed shocking details about her experience on the set of “The Color Purple,” including low pay and mistreatment.

She bravely spoke out about the systemic issues of underpayment and lack of respect faced by black actresses, igniting a much-needed conversation in the industry.

However, the fallout from Henson’s revelations has been swift and harsh. Rumors are swirling that Oprah Winfrey, who was involved in the production of “The Color Purple,” is seeking revenge against Henson for speaking out against her.

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Allegations suggest that Oprah is using her influence to blacklist Henson and sabotage her career.

The tension between Henson and Oprah reportedly stems from Henson’s complaints about mistreatment on set, including inadequate pay and poor working conditions.

Henson’s outspokenness has allegedly angered Oprah, who expected “The Color Purple” to be a major success. The film’s underperformance at the box office has only intensified Oprah’s ire towards Henson.

Adding fuel to the fire is rapper 50 Cent, who has publicly denounced Oprah for her alleged mistreatment of Henson.

50 Cent has a history of feuding with Oprah and has accused her of using her platform to undermine black artists.

He has vowed to expose Oprah’s alleged vindictive actions against Henson and is rallying support for the actress.

Furthermore, there are claims that Oprah enlisted the help of TV host Steve Harvey to further her agenda against Henson.

Harvey, known for his connections in Hollywood, has faced accusations of sabotaging careers in the past. Allegations suggest that he may have played a role in blacklisting Henson at Oprah’s behest.


In response to the controversy, Henson initially stood firm in her criticism of Oprah and the industry’s treatment of black women.

However, amidst mounting pressure, Henson has since changed her tune and publicly praised Oprah, leading to speculation about coercion or intimidation tactics.

The fallout from Henson’s statements and Oprah’s alleged vendetta has reignited discussions about systemic racism and discrimination in Hollywood.

It serves as a sobering reminder of the challenges faced by black artists in an industry plagued by inequality and exploitation.

As the controversy continues to unfold, the spotlight remains on Oprah, Henson, and the broader issue of racial injustice in Hollywood.

Only time will tell how this saga will impact the careers of those involved and whether meaningful change will emerge from the turmoil.

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