Angelina Jolie said she was ‘sucked’ into poverty by Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie believes that Brad Pitt’s recent lawsuit is one of the efforts that has left her financially exhausted.

In the latest documents sent to the court, Angelina Jolie said that her ex-husband is trying to “suck her blood” in every way. The lawsuit to divide the estate in France was said by Jolie to be “one of Brad’s efforts to make her financially exhausted”.

“It’s painful for Jolie to defend herself against the lawsuit. It’s a relentless effort to control Pitt’s finances and suck the blood of Pitt’s ex-wife. The real reason why Jolie voluntarily sold the estate was that Brad Pitt requested it.” She signed a non-disclosure agreement to cover up his past physical and mental abuse,” Jolie’s representative stated in court documents.

Daily Mail believes that Jolie’s new accusation is difficult to understand, when the relationship between her and Brad Pitt helped actor Maleficent ‘s fortune increase by nearly 100 million USD.

Angelina Jolie và Brad Pitt ngồi lại hòa giải

The money came from loans, child support, gifts and the millions of dollars she earned from selling 50% of the disputed property – the Chateau Miraval estate. In 2008, the actor and his wife bought the farm for 60 million USD. After many years of business efforts, Pitt pushed the farm’s price up to 164 million USD.

While Jolie lamented her poverty, sources pointed out that she had enough money to successfully bid for an 8-year long-term lease at 57 Great Jones Street in Manhattan, New York, USA for her fashion business. Previously, the location was rented for $60,000/month.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt’s side said that it was Jolie who wanted to suck her ex-husband’s blood.
The whole estate scene causes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to continue to disagree after their divorce.

“Instead of destroying his ex-wife, Brad wholeheartedly supported Angie financially. Pitt initially tried to buy back the family winery if Jolie refused. But then she voluntarily sold it to the financier. Russian tycoon in 2021,” this person said.

Friends of the former actor couple are supporting Brad Pitt, at least in the way the actor is responsible after the divorce.

As of 2018, Pitt spent more than $1.3 million on child support, including therapy for six children, as well as spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on sundry bills. Sources said that actor Troy has been aware of paying expenses for his children for the past 8 years.

When buying Miraval in 2008, Pitt held 60% of the shares. In 2010, Pitt transferred 10% of his shares to his wife as a wedding gift. In addition to this gift, Pitt gave his wife a painting by Winston Churchill (which she sold in March 2021 for $11.5 million).

She also borrowed 8 million USD from Brad Pitt to buy a large house in Los Feliz for 24 million USD.

In the ongoing legal battle to sell the winery, Brad Pitt scored several legal victories, including a key ruling in Luxembourg that gave Brad Pitt control of the winery.

Last month, Brad Pitt scored another victory, when the Los Angeles Superior Court dismissed Angelina Jolie’s charges. She called her ex-husband’s lawsuit “frivolous, malicious and problematic”.

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