Damon Reveals Why The Wayans Got Kicked From Hollywood

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Wayans Brothers from Hollywood

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The Wayans family, once a comedic powerhouse in Hollywood, has notably vanished from the limelight, leaving fans puzzled and speculating about their sudden absence. Damon Wayans, one of the prominent members of the clan, recently shed light on this enigmatic situation, suggesting that the Hollywood elite might have played a role in sidelining the Wayans family. This revelation has sparked curiosity and controversy, begging the question: why would Hollywood turn its back on such a talented and influential family?

The Rise to Stardom

The Wayans family made their mark in Hollywood with the groundbreaking sketch comedy series “In Living Color,” created by Keenan Ivory Wayans. This show not only showcased the talents of Keenan but also his siblings Damon, Kim, Sean, and Marlon. It was a revolutionary platform that launched numerous careers, including those of Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey, and Jennifer Lopez. The show’s success was meteoric, winning an Emmy Award in its first year and running for five seasons from 1990 to 1994.

Following the success of “In Living Color,” the Wayans siblings ventured into various projects. Keenan directed hits like “Scary Movie,” while Damon found success with TV shows such as “My Wife and Kids.” Sean and Marlon formed a dynamic comedy duo, immortalized by their roles in “White Chicks” and “Little Man.” The Wayans family seemed unstoppable, carving out a significant niche in Hollywood with their unique brand of comedy.

The Downfall and Controversies

Despite their early success, the Wayans family’s presence in Hollywood began to wane. According to Damon Wayans, shadowy figures within the industry might have orchestrated their fall from grace. He hints at a darker, scandalous truth behind their disappearance, suggesting that powerful Hollywood elites banned the family from the industry. The specifics of this alleged ban remain unclear, but the impact on the Wayans’ careers is undeniable.

Marlon Wayans has also spoken out about the family’s mysterious disappearance, alleging mistreatment and an intentional effort to bring them down. He describes an industry rife with hidden agendas and power plays, where the Wayans family found themselves on the losing side. Marlon’s revelations paint a picture of a cutthroat industry, where success can be fleeting, and influential figures can determine one’s fate.

Alleged Involvement in the Milli Vanilli Scandal

One theory behind the Wayans’ decline involves their alleged involvement in the Milli Vanilli scandal. Milli Vanilli, a German-French R&B duo, faced public disgrace when it was revealed that they hadn’t sung on their music releases. Their Grammy Award was revoked, and their credibility shattered. Some speculated that a parody sketch by the Wayans on “In Living Color” contributed to the duo’s downfall. This controversial skit might have angered influential figures in the music and entertainment industries, leading to repercussions for the Wayans family.

Damon Wayans’ Controversial Comments

Damon Wayans further courted controversy with his comments on Bill Cosby, who faced numerous allegations of drugging and sexually assaulting women. Damon suggested that some of Cosby’s accusers might have been involved in a money-making scheme, a statement that sparked outrage and added to the Wayans’ growing list of controversies. His remarks were seen by many as minimizing the seriousness of the allegations, leading to a swift and brutal fallout. The entertainment industry, known for its unforgiving nature, distanced itself from the Wayans family, contributing to their marginalized status.

The Wayans Legacy

Despite their challenges, the Wayans family remains a significant force in comedy. Marlon Wayans continues to take on diverse projects, showcasing his versatility in movies and TV shows. His roles in “Naked,” “50 Shades of Black,” “Sextuplets,” and “Respect” highlight his enduring appeal and comedic talent. Sean Wayans, another heavyweight in comedy, has made his mark with roles in “Scary Movie,” “Dance Flick,” and “Little Man.”

Damon Wayans, with his extensive experience, continues to shine on stage and television. His performances in “Beverly Hills Cop” and “My Wife and Kids” solidified his place in the industry. Keenan Ivory Wayans, the second oldest sibling, has not only been a successful comedian and actor but also a director and writer, collaborating on numerous projects with his siblings. The eldest, Dwayne Wayans, has taken a quieter route, making a name for himself as a film score composer, working behind the scenes on memorable soundtracks.

The Enduring Influence of “In Living Color”

“In Living Color” was a cultural phenomenon, providing a platform for the Wayans family and other talented actors. Marlon and Sean Wayans, the youngest members of the family, were tasked with writing their own material, a challenge that molded them into successful writers and performers. The show’s impact on the entertainment industry is undeniable, having launched the careers of several A-list celebrities.

The abrupt cancellation of “In Living Color” in 1994 left fans without a proper finale. Some speculated that the Wayans’ occasionally controversial skits played a role in the show’s demise, while others believed that the family’s involvement in the Milli Vanilli scandal contributed to its end. Regardless of the reasons, the show’s legacy endures, highlighting the Wayans’ contributions to comedy and television.


The Wayans family’s mysterious disappearance from Hollywood remains a topic of intrigue and speculation. Damon Wayans’ revelations about the alleged ban by Hollywood elites and the controversies surrounding their careers provide a glimpse into the challenges they faced. Despite these setbacks, the Wayans family continues to be a significant force in comedy, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Their story serves as a reminder of the industry’s cutthroat nature, where success can be fleeting, and powerful figures can determine one’s fate.

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