Everyone Named in P. Diddy’s S*x Abuse Lawsuits — Full List

Famed rap mogul P. Diddy, born Sean Combs, has been sued multiple times since November 2023 for claims of alleged sex abuse and human trafficking.

Numerous high-profile celebrities and businessmen have been referenced or implicated in the lawsuits against Diddy.

Law&Crime’s Sierra Gillespie breaks down everyone named in the lawsuits against Combs.

Superstars And International Officials Nominated In Legal Cases Involving P Diddy

In a recent statement, the lawyers representing P Diddy denied all allegations from Lil Rod, a famous rapper, and criticized him for making “completely unfounded” allegations. really and simply does not happen”.

However, the lawsuit raised many famous names, from members of the royal family to Grammy and Oscar winners, causing many shocked opinions in the entertainment and political communities.

Everyone Named in P. Diddy's Sex Abuse Lawsuits — Full List - YouTube

One of the most serious allegations is that P Diddy, also known by the aliases Puff Daddy or Sean Combs, is accused of being a person who engaged in sexual trafficking and confinement.

His former girlfriend, Cassandra Ventura, also known by her stage name Cassie, accused P Diddy of raping and brutally beating her.

He also allegedly forced Cassie to have sex with prostitutes and recorded it on video.

Last month, music producer Rodney Jones, also known by the nickname Lil Rod, also filed a lawsuit against P Diddy with many allegations, including forcing him to hire prostitutes and have sex. with them.

The legal documents also state other serious allegations, including criticism of many other stars who attacked Lil Rod.

In the legal documents, Lil Rod also mentioned P Diddy’s involvement with international officials, including Britain’s Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

Although there are no specific charges against Prince Harry, mentioning his name in the lawsuit could damage his reputation.


In addition, the litigation documents also draw comparisons between P Diddy’s behavior and that of Jeffrey Epstein, a sponsor with strong influence in the tycoon world and accused of sex crimes.

According to the documents, P Diddy is described as someone who organized sex parties and used drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine, GHB, ketamine, marijuana and poisonous mushrooms.

Although P Diddy’s attorney denied all allegations and criticized Lil Rod’s legal documents as “an obvious attempt to attract attention,” the lawsuit still left many in the industry wondering. intellectual and political concern.

There could be serious legal consequences, if P Diddy is charged and convicted he could face a heavy prison sentence.

While waiting for the decision of the judicial system, the whole community is still waiting for the reaction of the relevant parties and continues to monitor the development of this case.

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