“FLOYD ALWAYS CHOOSES HIS OPPONENT, HE WILL NEVER DARE TO FIGHT ME RIGHT NOW” Canelo Alvarez Openly Fights And Asserts That He Can Defeat Floyd Mayweather In 5 Rounds !!

In a bold and confident declaration, Canelo Alvarez has openly challenged Floyd Mayweather, asserting that the undefeated boxing legend would never dare to fight him under current circumstances. Alvarez, renowned for his power and skill in the ring, has expressed his belief that he can defeat Mayweather within five rounds if given the chance.

Alvarez’s comments have sent ripples through the boxing community, reigniting discussions about a potential rematch between the two fighters. Their first encounter in 2013 saw Mayweather emerging victorious with a majority decision, a result that Alvarez has not forgotten. Now, with years of experience and numerous titles under his belt, Canelo feels more prepared than ever to face Mayweather again.

“Floyd always chooses his opponents carefully,” Alvarez stated. “He knows how to pick the right time and the right fighter. But if he faced me now, he wouldn’t last five rounds.” These strong words highlight Alvarez’s confidence and desire to prove himself against one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Mayweather, known for his defensive prowess and strategic acumen, has not responded to Alvarez’s challenge. However, the prospect of such a high-profile match has fans and analysts speculating about the possible outcomes. Many believe that Alvarez, with his aggressive style and powerful punches, could pose a significant threat to Mayweather’s perfect record.

The debate over whether Mayweather would accept such a challenge remains unresolved. Some argue that Mayweather, now retired, has little incentive to return to the ring, especially against a prime fighter like Alvarez. Others believe that the allure of another lucrative fight might

tempt Mayweather to consider the offer.

Regardless of the outcome, Alvarez’s bold statement has reignited excitement in the boxing world. His confidence and willingness to take on any challenge embody the spirit of a true champion, leaving fans eager to see what the future holds for both fighters.

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