“Get Help”– Devin Haney’s Father, Bill Haney, Urges Ryan Garcia to Seek Support Amid Controversy

Devin Haney’s father and trainer, Bill Haney, has taken a compassionate stance in response to the recent controversy surrounding Ryan Garcia. Despite Garcia’s expulsion from the WBC for making racial slurs against Black people and Muslims, Bill Haney has refrained from adding further criticism, instead urging Garcia to seek help.

Ryan Garcia’s recent actions have caused a significant uproar in the boxing community. The 25-year-old boxer was expelled by the WBC after his offensive remarks, which followed a period of erratic behavior. This incident comes on the heels of Garcia’s one-year ban from boxing due to testing positive for ostarine, which also led to his victory over Devin Haney in April being overturned to a no-contest.

Bill Haney expressed his disappointment but also his hope for Garcia’s recovery. “I’m definitely not happy to see the kid crashing out,” Haney said. “I always try to be as optimistic as I can as just a human being. I hope everyone could be with me in my most trying times, as well as him going through his.”

Haney emphasized that there is no place for the kind of talk Garcia exhibited but maintained that the young boxer needs support. “There’s just no place for it,” Haney stated. “I think that he should get help. I don’t believe in kicking a man while he’s down. But he definitely should get help. And the people around him should step up and be held accountable.”

Haney’s comments highlight the importance of addressing mental health and the responsibility of those in an athlete’s inner circle to provide support during difficult times. He called on Garcia’s team to be there for him and to help him navigate through his challenges.

“Speak loud and be just as happy that they can be there for Ryan in these kind of times. These are the kind of times that you see what kind of team you’ve got,” Haney concluded.

Bill Haney’s approach underscores the need for compassion and support in the face of adversity, reminding the boxing community of the human side of the sport.

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