“HE SHOULD RETIRE IMMEDIATELY” Anthony Joshua B-RU-TALLY Claims That Deontay Wilder Is The Weakest Fighter Ever And He Deserves It!!!

In a recent statement that has sparked controversy in the boxing world, Anthony Joshua has openly criticized fellow heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder, branding him as the “weakest boxer ever” and suggesting that Wilder should retire from the sport. Joshua’s remarks come amidst ongoing discussions and speculations within the boxing community about Wilder’s future in the ring.

During a press conference ahead of his upcoming fights, Joshua did not hold back in his assessment of Wilder’s boxing abilities. “He’s the weakest boxer ever. Honestly, he should retire now,” Joshua asserted, expressing a blunt opinion on Wilder’s skill level and potential longevity in professional boxing.

Anthony Joshua, known for his straightforward approach both inside and outside the ring, has been a dominant figure in the heavyweight division. His comments about Wilder, a former WBC champion, have drawn attention due to the contrast in their boxing styles and career trajectories. Joshua’s critique adds fuel to the ongoing debate about Wilder’s recent performances and future prospects in the sport.

Joshua’s statement has ignited a mix of reactions from boxing fans and experts. Some agree with his assessment, citing Wilder’s recent losses and controversial moments in the ring. Others view Joshua’s comments as overly harsh or dismissive, considering Wilder’s achievements earlier in his career.

Deontay Wilder, known for his powerful punching and unorthodox style, has faced setbacks in recent fights, including losses to Tyson Fury and Joshua himself

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