“HE’S WEAKLING” – Tyson Fury angrily MOCKING Anthony Joshua was afraid as chose weak opponent like Daniel Dubois to FIGHT instead of him

In a fierce and scathing statement, Tyson Fury has mocked Anthony Joshua, accusing him of being afraid and opting to fight weaker opponents like Daniel Dubois instead of facing him. Fury’s comments come after Joshua’s recent bout with Dubois, where Joshua secured a victory that Fury deems unworthy of a true champion.

“HE’S A WEAKLING,” Fury declared angrily during a recent interview. “Anthony Joshua is running scared. He had the opportunity to face a real challenger, but instead, he chose someone like Daniel Dubois. It’s clear he’s avoiding a true test of his abilities. If he wants to be considered a real champion, he needs to stop ducking me.”

Tyson Fury, the reigning WBC heavyweight champion, has been vocal about his desire to face Joshua in the ring. The rivalry between the two British heavyweights has been a major talking point in the boxing world, with fans eagerly anticipating a showdown that has yet to materialize.

“Joshua’s choice of opponents shows that he’s not ready to face the best,” Fury continued. “He knows what would happen if he stepped into the ring with me. Instead of proving himself against the top fighters, he’s taking the easy route. This isn’t the behavior of a true champion.”

Anthony Joshua, a former unified heavyweight champion, has faced criticism in the past for his selection of opponents. While his fight with Dubois was seen as a solid matchup, it didn’t carry the same weight as a potential clash with Fury, who is widely regarded as the top heavyweight in the division.

Joshua has not yet responded to Fury’s latest comments, but his camp has maintained that he is ready to face any challenger and is focused on regaining his titles. The negotiations for a fight between Joshua and Fury have been complicated by various factors, including contractual obligations and promotional disputes.

Daniel Dubois, while a talented and promising fighter, is still seen as a step below the elite level occupied by Fury and Joshua. Fury’s remarks underscore the gap between Joshua’s recent opponents and the top-tier competition he is expected to face.

The boxing community has reacted strongly to Fury’s statements. Many fans and analysts support his call for Joshua to take on tougher opponents and prove his mettle against the best in the division. Social media has been buzzing with discussions, with many echoing Fury’s sentiments and expressing frustration at the delay in a potential Fury-Joshua showdown.

Prominent figures in the sport have also weighed in on the controversy. “Tyson Fury is right to call out Anthony Joshua,” said one analyst. “Fans want to see the best fight the best, and Joshua vs. Fury is the fight everyone has been waiting for. It’s time for Joshua to step up and make it happen.”

As the debate continues, the focus will be on whether Joshua and Fury can finally agree to terms and deliver the blockbuster fight that the boxing world craves. For Joshua, the challenge will be to silence his critics and prove that he is willing to face the toughest competition available.

Tyson Fury’s scathing criticism of Anthony Joshua for choosing weaker opponents like Daniel Dubois instead of facing him has reignited the call for a showdown between the two British heavyweights. Fury’s remarks highlight the ongoing rivalry and the desire for a definitive clash to determine the true champion of the division. As the boxing world watches closely, the pressure is on Joshua to prove himself and take on the challenge of facing Fury.

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