‘I AM DANGEROUS’ – Jake Paul posts new workout footage and fans send warnings to Mike Tyson and Mike Perry

Jake Paul has wowed his fans with impressive new training footage as he gears up for his upcoming bouts against Mike Perry and Mike Tyson. The YouTube star-turned-boxer is set to face former UFC fighter Perry on July 20, followed by a rescheduled showdown with boxing legend Tyson on November 15.

In the latest video shared on social media, Paul can be seen training at his gym in Puerto Rico. The footage shows him delivering powerful punches to the pads held by his coach, displaying sharpness and precision. This new clip mirrors the intensity seen in previous training videos posted by his rival, Tyson.

Paul also unleashed a series of fierce punches on a heavy bag, further showcasing his skills. Fans were quick to express their admiration in the comments. One fan wrote, “Looking sharp I’d be nervous if I were Perry or Tyson, but they don’t have nerves. So keep grinding, my brother.” Another added, “This footage is dangerous. Jake is looking sharp.”

Despite some skeptics, many fans were impressed with Paul’s progress. One supporter commented, “Jake proved he can box; now I genuinely want him to do good.” Another fan asserted, “He looks legit, you’ve got to respect it.” However, not all reactions were positive, with one viewer stating, “Very stiff and slow. Beatable. No world champion.”

As Paul continues his preparations, one fan noted, “Jake’s punching power has definitely improved, looking good bro!” Another enthusiastically advised, “I advise anyone that doesn’t want to lose their money to bet on Jake Paul.”

Paul is hopeful that a successful 2024 with two victories will enhance his chances of achieving his unlikely goal of becoming a boxing world champion. He initially planned to face Tyson this summer but had to select Perry as a replacement after Tyson withdrew due to an ‘ulcer flare-up.’

Perry, who has a background in bare-knuckle boxing with five wins under the BKFC label, will be making his debut in traditional boxing. Despite the risk, Paul is confident and ready for the challenge. He admitted, “I think this fight is going to have some amazing press conference moments and really entertaining stuff that comes from it, but it is a major risk. I’m literally potentially sacrificing the biggest moment of my career, the biggest payday of my career if I lose to Mike Perry. But for some reason, these are the positions that I like to put myself in.”

Jake Paul has shown significant improvement as his career has progressed, and he remains committed to taking the sport seriously. His fans eagerly await to see if he can rise to the occasion and secure victories in his upcoming high-stakes matches.


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