“I’M JUST READY TO FIGHT!” Anthony Joshua THREATENS to ‘Smash Chair’ over Daniel Dubois as Sparring Video LEAKS In Ill-tempered Interview To Announce.

In a recent interview that quickly turned tense, Anthony Joshua issued a stark warning to his upcoming opponent Daniel Dubois amid escalating tensions fueled by a leaked sparring video.

The heavyweight boxing scene has been buzzing with anticipation as Joshua, known for his formidable presence in the ring, expressed his readiness for the upcoming bout in no uncertain terms. “I’m just ready to fight!” Joshua declared with a steely resolve, his frustration palpable as he addressed the fallout from the leaked footage.

The sparring video, leaked just days before the interview, captured a heated exchange between Joshua and Dubois during a training session. Sources close to the camp revealed that Joshua was visibly incensed by what he perceived as Dubois’ aggressive tactics, prompting his fiery response in the interview.

“I won’t stand for these games,” Joshua asserted, his tone reflecting a blend of determination and annoyance. Reports suggest that Joshua even threatened to smash a nearby chair in the heat of the moment, underscoring the intensity of emotions surrounding the upcoming showdown.

The ill-tempered nature of the interview further underscored the rivalry between Joshua and Dubois, adding a layer of drama to an already eagerly anticipated matchup. As the boxing world awaits the clash between these two heavyweights, the atmosphere continues to simmer with speculation and anticipation.

Stay tuned as the tension builds and preparations intensify, leading up to what promises to be a thrilling encounter between Anthony Joshua and Daniel Dubois.

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