Jake Paul Confidently Predicts World Boxing Title in 2025: “It’s a No-Brainer”

Jake Paul, the YouTube star turned boxer, has made a bold prediction about his future in the boxing ring. Paul steadfastly believes that he will become a boxing world champion sometime in the next year. With upcoming bouts against Mike Perry on July 20 and a rescheduled fight against Mike Tyson on November 15, Paul’s path to a championship is filled with significant challenges.

Initially set to face boxing legend Mike Tyson in July, Paul’s plans were altered due to a health scare in Tyson’s camp, specifically a stomach ulcer flare-up. This led to a last-minute switch, with Paul now set to fight ex-UFC fighter Mike Perry on July 20. The Tyson fight has been pushed back to November 15.

Paul’s confidence in his abilities is unwavering, especially at the 200-pound (Cruiserweight) division. He currently holds a 9-1 boxing record with 6 KOs, his only loss coming in February via a split decision against Tommy Fury. Despite these victories, Paul has not secured a WBC ranking, as he has yet to line up fights that would earn him WBC points and put him on the path toward a boxing title. A fight with Hasim Rahman Jr. was supposed to provide such an opportunity, but it fell through, leaving Paul still unranked.

In a recent ESPN interview, Paul expressed his belief that he will most likely be a world champion by 2025, attributing his confidence to his “God-given ability and willpower.” He stated:

“I believe in 2025 I will most likely be a world champion. I think I’m ready for it in the next couple of months here and I’m most likely going to go for it in 2025. It’s really just my God-given ability and willpower to do this. People haven’t really seen me fight in the past year because of two first-round knockouts. If Mike Perry can make it out of the first or second round, maybe people will see a little more of me, but I don’t believe that anybody can hang with me at 200 pounds.”

Paul’s journey in the boxing world has been as much about business as it has been about sport. He has capitalized on his unique position to set up lucrative fights, amassing tens of millions of dollars along the way. Some critics argue that Paul could have more strategically aligned his fights to earn WBC points and advance towards a title shot. Instead, he opted for high-profile, high-revenue bouts.

Paul also addressed his debut in the Professional Fighters League (PFL), indicating a desire to continue exploring opportunities in mixed martial arts. He revealed that he had offered Nate Diaz $15 million for a fight, which Diaz turned down. Paul also hinted at a potential MMA bout against Mike Perry, depending on the outcome of their boxing match.

Jake Paul’s journey in the boxing world is far from over. With ambitious plans and an unwavering belief in his potential, he aims to secure a world championship by 2025. However, his path is fraught with challenges and requires strategic planning and significant victories. As Paul prepares for his upcoming fights, the boxing world watches closely to see if he can turn his bold predictions into reality.

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