Jamie Foxx EXPOSES How Oprah SOLD HIM OFF To Quincy Jones (VIDEO)

Oprah said, “You’re blowing it.” I asked her what she meant. She said, “You have an opportunity to do something great, walk into the history books, and you’re blowing it. I need to help you.” I was confused and asked what I needed to do. She took me to Quincy Jones’s house. Having been introduced to Quincy and visiting his house was overwhelming; I sat there, sort of frozen.

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Recently, Rose McGowan called out Oprah on Twitter over her associations with controversial men. You’d think Jamie Foxx, being a big name in the industry, would keep quiet about Hollywood’s secrets, but no. Rumors suggest he’s been spilling some tea. Forget Quincy Jones as the gatekeeper of industry rituals; Foxx might be hinting at another name in the mix—Oprah.

Jamie Foxx shared a story from 2005 when he was on cloud nine after winning the Academy Award for his portrayal of Ray Charles. During his celebration, Oprah called him, saying he was blowing it. She took him to Quincy Jones’s house, where he was praised for his work on “Ray” but criticized for his lifestyle. Oprah asked if he was ready to meet someone, and it turned out to be Sidney Poitier, who praised Foxx’s performance but reminded him of the responsibilities that come with success.

Quincy Jones, known as the black godfather of the industry, has a legendary track record, having worked with icons like Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, and Michael Jackson. However, there have always been rumors and speculation about his personal life and the pressures he exerted on others in the industry.

Jamie Foxx’s revelation about Quincy and Oprah set social media ablaze, with many questioning how Oprah could be linked to Quincy’s controversial actions. It brings to mind other accusations against high-profile figures like Harvey Weinstein, with whom Oprah was also associated. British actress Kadian Noble accused Weinstein of misconduct and mentioned Oprah’s close association with him.

The allegations against Weinstein and his subsequent legal troubles have been widely publicized, highlighting a broader cultural reckoning in the entertainment industry. Weinstein’s case became a catalyst for the #MeToo movement, bringing to light numerous instances of abuse and misconduct.

Despite Oprah’s significant positive impact and her role as a cultural icon, these associations with controversial figures like Quincy Jones and Harvey Weinstein have raised questions and sparked debates about her involvement and awareness of their actions.

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